Friday, February 6, 2015

Boeing Delivers January

Fifty Boeing airplanes found its way to customers in January 2015. The interesting side bar is that it delivered in each of its sibling models from 737 through the 777 with accounts as follows:

Boeing Production,/Delivery for January

Total= 50

Airbus made orders in January for five whole airplanes, one more than Boeing during January. However the assembly and delivery department came away with 36 more aircraft short of Boeing numbers by 14 whole airplanes.

Airbus Production/Delivery for January

A320- 3
A330- 5


+ Let's talk some money. Boeing cashed more checks by beating Airbus by billions.
+ Orders from Airbus takes an early lead in  number and also in potential Accounts Receivable booking 5 A330-200.

Boeing has reduced by one 787, thus erasing its potential Revenue/AR off the books while adding 5 737's, totaling a net number of  4 after the 5 737 are added. It also booked less value than the Airbus' 5 A-330-200's ordered. It is all very  close in the game of  Horseshoes and Grenades for both. It means very little, since January is a regrouping month after 2014. It does show Boeing remains more robust than Airbus when manufacturing airplanes. Boeing is setting a significant tone for the year's production forecasts as Boeing exceeds Airbus easily, with  production numbers during the first 30 days.