Saturday, December 6, 2014

Qantas A-380 Renacted Safe Landing After Engine Destruction

Part II The Movie:

Below is Qantas Flight 32 renacted on video of what happened after a castastrophic engine explosion in 2010. It was due to an oil fire in the engine housing near the main turbine disk. The Saturday feature is for your own information as a follow-on with an earlier Scrap book feature on LiftnDrag from July 26, 2013. Enjoy the video, well done.

Liftndrag Scrapbook Feature The Qantas A380 Incident in 2010

"This is just one thought for flight management. The main thing is to: 

  • simplify pilot options of a hugely complex aircraft, 
  • give the crew committee the best information during decision making,
  • and present best available options with priorities. "