Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Max Makes More Sense For Latin Lovers

All the old cliche talks of love is blind and so forth. In Latin America they went in for the A320 and then the next girl walks into to room, the 737 Max. But since commitment prevails over the Latin airlines for the A320. It already bought the ring for the A320.

"But the Max is a better match for what you want", the parents plea with the young Latin lovers.

"But the A320 wears such bright lipstick", replies Avianca.

LAN is eyeing this Boeing beauty out the corner of its eyes as the room starts building more suitors.

A good friend walks up and states, "look at her wing tips, and she can fly farther, and carry more friends to the party'.

So goes the Boeing banter towards the airlines of Latin America, already stuck with the cousin's best friend, the A320 NEO. Knowing the NEO is the girl brought to the dance, it will be hard to ditch her. There is a lot of money riding on the deal. Family ties are strong in Latin America, and the Uncle has reinforced the concept of going with the NEO even when there is a better date in the room.

All the Max has to do is bat its eyes at Avianca and let love take-over. Let's face it that NEO is just so NEO and the MAX has avionics that make the 787 blush. It has many of the features and the styles of all its siblings won in the airplane beauty pageant. Not only that, the MAX won the Miss Practicality award, and then took Congeniality along with best of class. The class thing is what everyone is raving about. The MAX is really classy. "But how does she look?"...  "Just look, you tell me!"

..."Wow, what's her name, MAX? Move..."