Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Is More Than Average

The numbers are in for October for eleven 787 delivered as it marches towards the December count completion during 2014.

Goal +/-                          *08/2014    **09/2014         Projecting      October (actual) Delta 
Month Deliveries              13           **10             10            11                          +1
3 M-M-avg                      12.33          10.33        10             11.33                     +1.33
Production Goal               10               10             10             10                          0
Delivery Trend (+/- )       +2.33            +.33                   . 0            +1.33      /Target       >                
                                       *PM-Start      **M.A.P.                         PM-End
*Progression Months
**Moving Average Progression

Other Notes on the 787 Production analysis.

Total Year To Date 787:   90
2014 Goal                       110
Two Month Goal               20

Boeing met and achieved its 10 a month goal once again by delivering 11 787 during October. It has 10 more in production testing as a basis for November deliveries. Boeing has also achieved a fleet of 15 preflight preparation 787's. These 25 flightline participants  in total, are making the bedrock for November-December deliveries. Between the Change Incorporation and rework 787's there is a pool of 30  787 that conceivably could deliver by year's end.

Charleston Flight Line Candidates For Delivery

However, a straight from factory to flightline number will emerge during November that will also compete for delivery. Eleven new flightline aircraft will emerge in November making ready for end of year deliveries. December's aircraft emerging from the factory will deliver at the first of 2015.

What this all means is a possibility of 22 more 787's in the next 60 days, reaching a number for this year of 112, 787's delivered.  (Blogger prediction)

Boeing will certainly make its first of the year goal annoncement of 110 aircraft in the 787 category.