Wednesday, November 5, 2014

By The Year 2030 "The Secret Will Be in The Sauce"

 From "Fried Green Tomatoes" infamous film title, and that line quote comes a whole new 737. Where the discussion will be more on the evolution composite plastics than engine performance in the next twenty-five years. Boeing suggests flipping the MAX in the year 2030. What can bloggers do with 2030 as a number quips are harder to come by. I'll just think on that subject until I'll die.

However, Boeing starts its build-it campaign sooner rather than later. Is this just a feign for Airbus, or an impulse message for Boeing investors? 

"Boeing Co.'s 737 MAX is set to enter service in 2017, yet CEO Jim McNerney said Wednesday the company is already talking about replacing it by 2030 to remain competitive. PROVIDED/BOEING 

Perhaps the secret will be in the sauce as plastic manufacturing have only just begun in concocting carbon fiber stranding with a plastic elixir  from its back rooms. We think of only how long plastic carbon fiber has been thrust to the fore front in manufacturing. Its own needle has barely moved forward from the first carbon fiber structures. Remember Kevlar in the military. It was put into a military helmet as protection from a "Silver Bullet". Then came full body armor, race cars and then the 787. The use of autoclave or impregnated carbon is used to form what you need. But what about the plastic itself?

There are four major companies in the world that control the cartel of CRFP trade. Boeing accepted one and Airbus another for its basis of plastic airplane building. Little motivation exists in spending billion on wild plastic notions in the last 25 years. However, there are those pests called Universities, who have nothing more to do with competition in plastics and carbon fiber twill other than spending grant money. Something is brewing in the lab and Boeing is watching and protecting its stake for a new 737-2030. See I did something with Boeing numbers. It will be a plastic sauce revolution from inside the engine, clear to the 737 bathroom. it will be a printer parts manufacturing marvel out of newly discovered formulas painted on to newly discovered carbon fiber patterns and constructs. The dry weight plane might even be lighter than the weight of fuel added and passengers boarded.

Boeing has its sauce in mind for 2030. Schools will keep graduating bio-tech engineers, and all will work out for the tourist and business people alike when "The Secret Is In The Sauce"!