Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Airways News Redirect

Just finished reading the Airways News article with the Randy Tinseth. It is a must read, if you are even a little curiuos about Boeing and its journey in Aviation. Without too much verbiage fom this Blog, I will simply turn it over to the article with a headline link for your reading access. I will just simply say "well done" Enjoy the article.

Randy Tinseth: "They’re better than that – they’re far more aggressive than we are. I have on my laptop a simple comparison of available floor area on all airplanes. I was laughing as I was looking into stuff about the A330-900neo and how it now has 12 or 14 seats more than a 787-9. I kept looking and you know, I think we have a bigger airplane. I think they said they’re going eight abreast and we’re going nine abreast. How they can take a situation, where by any measure we should have 20-25 more seats, and actually show you have an advantage is a testament to their marketing.  Boy, they can take a lemon and make lemonade out of it."

AirwaysNews High Flyer Interview: Boeing’s Randy Tinseth

Boeing Graphic from Article