Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Airways News quote tells much about the Airplane Wars

Randy Tinseth, Boeing Market VP, during a recent interview said this much about John Leahy from Airbus’ strategic Marketing fluff.

Randy Tinseth: "They’re (Airbus) better than that – they’re far more aggressive than we are. I have on my laptop a simple comparison of available floor area on all airplanes. I was laughing as I was looking into stuff about the A330-900neo and how it now has 12 or 14 seats more than a 787-9. I kept looking and you know, I think we have a bigger airplane. I think they said they’re going eight abreast and we’re going nine abreast. How they can take a situation, where by any measure we should have 20-25 more seats, and actually show you have an advantage is a testament to their marketing.  Boy, they can take a lemon and make lemonade out of it."

This quip tells everything about the war in the trenches from the top down look at Airplane battles. This example says more than what was intended by Randy during the interview.

Boeing is well aware of Airbus’ hyperbole and manifestations for its mania on the word “Big”. John Leahy reminds me of “Mr. Toads Wild Ride”. He wanted the next big thing, continuously and always. 

I believe Randy has shown a secret where they (Boeing) believes John Leahy is suffering the same mania afflicting Mr. Toad in Disney’s epic carton. Mr. Badger and the River Rat work somewhere on Airbus’ Board of Directors.

Following the plot line of this cartoon, there is intervention from Rat and Badger. Mr. Toad Leahy heard about the next big airplane, and can’t stop talking to anyone. The A330 Neo is bigger than… well a… a 787-9, it holds more passengers than the 787-9. It has more room for each passenger than a 787-9. The A330 Neo flies farther because its eight abreast seating is more efficient than nine abreast? Slow down Mr. “Toad” Leahy, doesn’t the 787-9 have more cubic…? 

Mr. Toad Leahy sprays out of control, “No it can’t, because it just can’t, and I’ll tell you why, it just can’t!"

"Then which one?" Randy  continues his smile. "Which A330 NEO are you talking about? 

Mr. Toad Leahy screams as Rat holds him back, He answers, "the one I want the customer to hear about!"    

Randy thinks a minute and smiles while thinking, "let’s see the 787-9 has nine across and not eight across like a high density A330 Neo with only having a 27 inch seat pitch. The 787-9 has a larger 28” seat pitch in Economy and expands from that base in Premium Economy seating. The pitch is defined as the distance from lumbar support in the seat back up to the facing back of the upright seat in front of the passenger, where a passengers knees may hit the Economy wall."

The A330 Neo cramming can’t even approach a crammed 787-9 in seat count, if that were Boeing's customer intent, but the A330 -900 NEO will match the number of its seat counts against the luxury 787-9 when counting its seats from a crammed A330 NEO cattle hauler. 

It’s all in how marketing wants to shuffle metrics for a sales pitch. Boeing wants to talk about its sweet metrics rather than out of scope comparisons that Airbus offers.

Airbus’ John Leahy will say,

“Our 280 crammed seats is more than the “ever spacious”, 787-9, which ONLY has 248 seats and carries less people."

"Harrumph, Our A330 Neo flying empty flies farther than the fully loaded 248 seat 787-9. Did I tell anyone yet it’s cheaper? Hey, where did everybody go", as his mania sets in?

Randy is getting ready again for China, “We have work to do at Boeing before the next trip!” 

Randy’s phone rings, and a voice says, “Hey pops what did you do with “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” DVD, all I see at home is “New Airplane DVD’s”.