Monday, October 27, 2014

Vietnam, Boeing's Stone To Turn Over

Airbus has had a clean run though in Vietnam. It has sold about 90% of Vietnam's new aircraft now in service. Quoting Vietnam Net, Boeing exec spills the beans on the stone that needs turning.

"Vice President of Boeing International, Ralph L. "Skip" Boyce, admitted during his working visit to Vietnam last week that Boeing had found it difficult to expand its market share in Vietnam.
The US aircraft manufacturer estimates that Boeing aircraft now account for seven percent of the commercial fleets in Vietnam.
The figure may rise slightly to 10 percent the next year when the national flag air carrier Vietnam Airlines receives more Boeing aircraft."

With 15 787's on the delivery docket and probably 3-4 787-9 delivered in 2015 Boeing is reintroducing itself to Vietnam as a aircraft player. Not only is Vietnam taking new aircraft next year from Boeing, it is manufacturing parts for Boeing.

"MHI Aerospace Vietnam Co., Ltd. (MHIVA), a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, today opened its new manufacturing factory in Hanoi to supply passenger doors for the Boeing 777.
The firm also marked the shipment of its 1,000th inboard flap for the Boeing 737 at the opening ceremony of the new factory."
Vietnam Net  
Vietnam can be the "Front Door" to the Orient, as it is well positioned geographically for North American flights and all of South East Asia. Its a way in, within the region going from China through Thailand enjoying its tourism and business. Vietnam has finally reemerged as a world resource for trade commerce. Boeing must consider partnering with Vietnam through its product line, so Vietnam fully transitions as a competitor, as both its commerce and trade grows. The tourism will piggy-back on the ground swell of an expanding economy. The Dynamic is set for both Vietnam and Boeing.