Saturday, October 4, 2014

"The Group"

"The group will add 100 Boeing 787 to its fleet at the end of 2015 and the first Airbus A350 in 2018. The aircraft will be equipped with completely new cabins."

Once again this statement pops out without explanation, "a hundred whole 787's at the end of 2015"? 

This quote comes from:

I keep pondering, what does Air France-KLM Group means by that quote, when they only ordered 25-787-9's with an option for 25 more, equaling fifty?

My Math is either in error, or the writers of the last two articles where this reference has appeared are "California Dreaming". It maybe due to a combined order with Airbus where the confusion lays. On the same day they (The Group) announced the Boeing purchase of 25/25, where they also announced an A-350 order for 25/35 starting in 2018(purchase/Options).

Maybe somebody, anybody, can help me here if the Group really did order 100 787 starting with delivery in 2015?