Monday, October 6, 2014

Single Aisle Notes For 2014 Orderbook

The 737 has orders for a net total of 712  while the A-320 Neo has two hundred less at 512. Hold on a minute, what about the A-321? Okay I knew somebody from Airbus  would ask that question in "order" to make a point, so let's add another 146.

Order score (Net) as of September 30, 2014

Boeing                   Airbus
1000                        791

Boeing still leads the single aisle order market with that addition at the end of September with 712 Boeing 737's over the Airbus 658 A-320-321's. Not to rub it in on Airbus too much, let's change the subject to production.

The production score is as Follows on September 30, 2014:

Boeing            Airbus
528                     443

Boeing has an over-all production lead for the year by 85 units. Further analysis is taken. Boeing has produced 80 more 787's than the Airbus' 0 A350's to be fair during this period.  It has produced more wide-bodies cash cows than Airbus including the line-up of 777's and a couple of 747's just because they did.

Where did I stumble on these facts?:

Boeing is not sitting still any longer in the midst of doing what it mentioned several years back. "We need  increased production for our customers sake." That they have done it, and addressed it as they go forward in the next 6 years with 52 a month 737s. The way they are now outselling the A320 NEO they will need that increased production in Renton, WA. Suppliers, its time to ramp up to 52 parts a month for both NG's and Max.