Thursday, October 9, 2014

Beyond The Seat Mile Addiction

Airlines today have a penchant for seat/mile profits and efficiency. The end of that goal is putting as many passengers on for a given trip at the lowest operating cost. There is a second layer to this approach, and it’s not about raw density numbers and efficient operations. It’s about what the airline company offers with its equipment. Much like a cruise ship, people don't care about the cheapest ticket by 5% advantage but the travel experience. That is why passengers often rely upon expectations when traveling. They want to go on board knowing they will have an outstanding experience when traveling for a particular airline on a particular aircraft type. Hence the case of the Air China's first 747-8i.

Case in Point:

The above link from Australian Business Traveler inspires the Idea for business travel as well as the vacationer. What an airline does with it cubic feet allotted from the aircraft frame is just as or more important for selling seats than fuel economy. The 787-8i provides space for airlines. As in cruise shipping manufacturing, no one cares if a ship is built in Bath Maine or Spain. It’s how the ship is fitted and the experience gained. The choice is between a Motel 6 for $59.99 per night or Comfort Inn for $99.99 a night. It’s your choice.

What did Air China do to its 747-8i to make your valued choice more productive. It gives you its first 747-8i with many choices from the Business Traveler to the Vacationer. It is a high valued experience with a solid economic footing. If you have not linked with the article above, here are a few pictures and my rational for what I see on the Australian Business Travelers Article, below.

 Photos: Inside Air China's Boeing 747-8 first, business class

Towards the pointy end second deck of the 747-8i are the moguls of industry sitting 1-2-1 across first class. It is a purpose filled space without the fluff.

"Contains first, business, premium economy and economy class across a total of 365 seats."

Business Class is all Business when comes to comfort and room. Below (ABT Photo)

Upstairs is private space for either the Execs or the refined traveler.

Getting there doesn't have to be painful by having a semi-standing posture from an under pitched space. It can actually be a happy experience on an airplane design for travel. Premium economy for a few dollars more than economy is worth the reservation and price. Shown Below (ABT Photo)