Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Return On Ryan Air Investment 737 Max

What to make out of Ryan Air Investment in 100 737 MAX 200 ordered (committed). The ROI model is for both for the bottom line and sensible air transportation. "More" does not necessarily constitute a problem on passengers, part when profits are a key motivator for corporate flying. The Return on (Ryan Air) Investment is through the passenger model. Ryan Air has selected a 197 seat configured special 737-200 MAX. It wasn't all about cramming seats in an allotted space for more tickets. A line was drawn near the back of the Max 200.

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What has Ryan Air done with Boeing? From everything I have read, its a simple plan that is ingenious for passengers and Ryan Air alike. At 199 seats, it is established by authorities, where an expansion of a crew member is required by just one, mainly a flight attendant. That saved the passengers some room grief when slotting 197 seats..

A limit going past 189 seats required another exit door! Boeing says done! Ryan Air buys extra seats for its own business model, because you don't need a full course meal on 90 minute flights, or less. A power drill whines, and hammering shrinks the galley space into a snack bar station. More seats needed please, but no more than 197, thanks.

Now comes the passenger comfort caveat. Seats will receive an increase in spacing with room for 197 passengers. Because Ryan Air doesn't want to pay for that extra flight attendant, if it had seated 199 passengers. It won't hire one extra attendant and increase its ticket prices.

However, people will not be squeezed into a steerage space from the glut of first class space. Everybody gets a shot at flexing legs and resting without a knee knocking in your back. Also, I can fly for 90 minutes without Cordon  Bleu chicken on my lap tray.

Its a war of inches for Ryan Air, they turned lemons into lemon-aide. More customer space and one less crew member required since not going up to 199 seats. Plus one more exit door and no full galley in the stern. Its a win-win for ticket prices and customers seated. Bring on a Ryan Air Carry-on Food Box ( RACFB; I had to do it or somebody else would!) bought at the Boarding Desk (my fantasy), and gain passenger room. Its also a win for Ryan Air with its MAX designed, performance enhanced 737. Its a fun people mover. Its a European connector. It may have Atlantic legs from selected Airports (you may need a Ryan Air Boarding Lunch Box (RABLB) for that one).

The CEO of Ryan Air, Michael O'Leary, continues to think out of the box or RABLB with his equipment disposition. He insisted that the MAX was not for him when he ordered 175 737 NG's several years back. After further review, he has landed right in the MAX solution with the 737-200 extended passenger form, and with a 737 for more customer space. Watch out Southwest Airlines, you may want a few of these 737's on the west coast, If not Ryan Air may show up one day.

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