Friday, September 19, 2014

Boeing's Factory At Jet Lag Status

Below is an unidentified factory mechanic for Boeing quoted from a response board on a Boeing article. Even though this not a quotable name, but it brings to light problems that are being resolved on a daily basis on the factory floor.

Reader Link Below:

Unidentified Workforce Comment:

"Traveled work is the result, not the problem. Incomplete sections come in from all over hell's half acre, and with the rate increase, they don't have time to finish the work in the factory, so, out to the flight-line it goes. This screws those of us who work out on the line, because of all of the factory workers bumbling around our stalls. We can't do our jobs, either because the planes are not complete enough, or someone from the factory is in our way.

We are supposed to be "The Delivery Center". We are not supposed to be building these planes out in the rain! Management like Dave Carbon insist that we shouldn't act like victims, but that is exactly what we are....victims of a poor management team. Then when other management is pushing to ignore safety policies, or to just push the job through so we show progress, we are being set up for disaster. Either one or more of us is going to get hurt or killed, or one of these plastic tubes is going to be a smoking hole somewhere. 

The FAA needs to send real inspectors, from Washington D.C., not the good ol' boys that are stationed in the area, and do a complete investigation of the program from the bottom to the top. Come talk to the hourly guys that are doing the work BEFORE they talk to the top brass. They would pull the PC700 on the 787 program in a NY minute.

It is funny that the quality of work on the Everett Flight-line is great at the north end, Stall 101 and 102 being the best, and by the time one gets to Stalls 108 through 201,....they all wear hockey helmets and the product shows!"

Pretty harsh words and unverified, other than just coming from a news article comment page.  It shows that nerves are on edge and management is keeping a composed expression, during the stresses. When action is required, and is not coming any time soon. This factory first response is calling for the Cavalry as the production floor needs help. A time out was called in August to put the train back on the track. Boeing should not put itself into a hoping it works mode, when any change on the cheap may not help. It has to be the right change.
Unnamed Comment Response /Same Article: 

"Also, some 787's are built in Everett, and flown to Charleston for delivery, since they can't build their own. Qatar said they don't want their planes built in Charleston due to quality issues.

I, personally love the 787. The hourly workers on Everett Flight-line do a damn good job of making sure things are done right. 

There are a few managers that are true airplane people, and between them, and the mechanics and QA out on the line, make sure that the work we do is proper.

Most of the 787 flight-line workers came to Boeing from all over the aviation world, and have a lot of experience, and a desire to make sure things are safe with the plane. 

The management caring more about numbers and their bean count is the bottleneck. They only care about making themselves look good. A sick example is that one of the circus clowns mentioned in a previous post, was offering autographs because he made it in the paper. They just don't get it. 

I guess this is what should be expected when the company is run by someone stupid enough to say that after his 65th birthday, he will still be running the place and the workers will still be cowering!

Well Jim, many of the workers weren't cowering before, and sure as hell aren't cowering now! I am sure there will be some other juicy tidbits that come to light...."