Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Airbus Claims It Has Put The (LIon) In Its Cage For 2016

Double announcement, the A350 is cleared for take-off for delivery by the European governance over airline certification. The second item relates to the Lithium-Ion battery where it will re-install the Boeing-like battery into its aircraft. They say they have taken a different road on mitigating the "battery problem". Actually, they are borrowing from LIon lessons learned from Boeing when they themselves didn't know what to do with it back in 2011. After extensive rewiring and back-ups on the Airbus, its okay for it to fail since they installed plan B's, MAcGyver style. Now "they" Airbus knows what to do? A good rule of thumb, is that Airbus knows how to to do it better if Boeing already did it "(John Leahy)".

Airbus to bring back lithium-ion batteries on A350

Oh well, good bye Ni Cad.