Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Board Game Part III Boeing and Airbus

The Run up to Paris is now the target. Without getting too far ahead of the calendar, Paris is about a year away. June 15, 2015 to be exact. Plenty of time to line -up some significant orders.  The next thing to do is blog about what board rooms are considering during the run up period we have just entered. At stake is something like the academy awards at the Paris Air Show.

Its called the Icarus Award.


The two competing mega  Corporations will receive a number of these "Icarus Awards" cast in brass at Paris
(Think about Oscars, Viola Icarus Award)

  • Icarus for Both boards dream of having the top order number at Paris. 
  • They also would like to win an Icarus biggest surprise category (maybe a Stationary 787-10)
  • Icarus Award for the most Single aisle orders announced with signed order and cash in hand.
  • Icarus Award for Most Single Aisle by LOI or MOU
  • Touch and Go Icarus Medal, a banned fly-bye category.
  • Cheesy Statements by leading VP in a supporting Airbus sales pitch Icarus.
  • The humility Icarus award to be given if possible to someone who humbly accepts praise.
  • Best Airplane announcement "Fiction Icarus"  (Awarded at next airshow from this years air-show's fake announcements.
  • Best Airplane announcement Non-Fiction Icarus, eligible after two years of veracity tests.
  • Icarus, "Best press statement, not-on-the-take, supporting a Mega Corp Airplane Builder". (long title)