Saturday, August 23, 2014

Second Engine Maker Set For 787-9

This is just a news item worthy of LiftnDrag. Earlier, Rolls had made ready its 787-9 version engine and was delivered to ANA. Several other airlines who had the 787-9 in production, but with GE versions, were waiting for the FAA sign-off before delivery. Those aircraft in this status received the FAA engine acceptance, and now Boeing can process the 787-9 type with GE engines for its customer's completed airplanes, currently setting in the stand-by mode at Paine Field.

What this means, is that Boeing will deliver a significant number of 787 by years end with both the Rolls and GE engines in a steady stream. It was mentioned earlier in the summer of 2014 that Boeing will deliver approximately 12 787-9 by years end.  Boeing could deliver more than 60 more 787's of both types by end of year reaching its estimated goal of 110 787's in 2014, delivered. That will pave the way for another 120 787's to be delivered in 2015. Thus opening up room in the order book for additional 787 orders, for both types and progress on the 787-10 project. During the next few years Boeing will be re-positioning its factory production for the three MAX types in Renton, Wa. Two 777X types in Everett, WA and the 787-10 in Charleston, SC. The remaining 787 -8 & -9 order book will split between Everett and Charleston.