Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Every Great Publication has Advertisement. Since The Blog Is Not Great, But Informative...

Here is my gratuitous video for a commercial break. Its an attempt of being clever and oh so smart in presenting the only "MAX Affect" on potential airline customers, passengers and suppliers concerning that "MAX Affect".

The LiftnDrag Commercial critique for the 737 MAX Affect.

The video cover effect: its a formal picture done in black tie. Even James Bond would appreciate its dress code for videos. It tells me its a mystery with a soft glow, and silver lining. What airline wouldn't want a subliminal date in this MAX attire. 

Opening the video has a thirty something voice model effect. Sounding like an upward mobile yuppie type from the 80's, while reading a clever script about fuel and more fuel not burned on this aircraft. The fifty percent cost of flying any aircraft is fuel. The revenue stream pays for that cost, hence 12 more seats in this commercial version per Max arriving. I didn't research out how that compares to the NEO across the seat count, but I do know that the ultimate MAX-900 could hold two hundred, but will be set for 199, thus saving the cost of one extra flight attendant, if the MAX had seated 200. This advertised Max (stated as an 800) will hold 182, counting 12 more seats over the NG configuration of 170. Twelve more tickets sold while burning more than 14% less fuel (word play, sorry).

  • Fuel Economy
  • Reliable
  • Eco Friendly

If I watch this commercial advertisement again, I might go out and buy one from petty cash.

The most important thing for me is that it didn't stump me on the words Laminar Flow Technology. I went to wordsmith school and did a paper on Laminar Flow. My paper had this quote, 

"Laminar Flow Technology is found on a sledding hill around Christmas.  Take one fifty gallon plastic leaf bag and insert a truck inner tube. Hop on it, and hope no radar gun is pointed in your direction, because laminar flow technology has arrived, and it will take you down the sledding hill faster than a sled runner." 

No pushing needed. That would be my Laminar Flow Technology Advertising Commercial. But since I don't have a petty cash account large enough to buy a MAX, I 'll just go sledding with inner tubes until I hit a tree or something.

My Laminar Flow Tube Technology Points For Tubing down hills in winter:
  • No pushing needed
  • Unreliable directional inputs from trip to trip
  • Eco Friendly, when bouncing off trees and not scaring the bark.