Thursday, August 21, 2014

Air India 787's Have A Preponderance To Crack Glass Under Pressure

Once again Air India shatters under pressure. Finally, a Boeing omission is seeping out where given the appropriate humidity and pressure a condition may exist where the pilots cabin wind screen will crack. Is Air India a one off airline with this problem? It seems so as its aircraft seem to lose the front wind screens as often as it loses luggage. I was a Debbie Downer on Air India as it seemed to have a disproportionate amount of mishaps for its 787 that other Airlines don't have during normal operations.

However, the humidity factor with these wind shields appears to center on India's awe full humidity and Boeing's design innovation. India is unique in the world for its climate even though other counties with extremely high humidity have not yet received its first 787's . USA, Japan and Great Briton are examples of varied temperature ranges. Great Britain may expect some cracking under this scenario, but I haven't seen any issues of wind screen cracking coming from BA or TUI aircraft. Perhaps its from a cooler humidity relevancy. Hot air hold more water than cooler temperatures. India has plenty of hot air with lots of water holding in the atmospheric molecules.

Boeing is concerned about this conditions, that Air India is encountering with its wind screens. It is currently re-engineering the wind screens, as high humidity during heat factors will affect those airlines operating continuously in this same type of environment. If indeed that is the causal problem. I tend to believe this to be the case . The 787 is an extreme global aircraft as will the A-350 will be. Therefore, expectations should be aware of global conditions as the manufacturer was when testing out all conditions. However, in this case, Boeing needs to tweak Global weather conditions on engineering and production points it may have not found during its aircraft development. The wind screen issue with Air India is an one off issue, not due to the airline, but India's environment with that many Airplanes in its stable.