Friday, July 25, 2014

CargoLux, The Initiator, Gets 10th 747-8F

Cargo Lux loves it when a plan comes together with its Air Freight team. Air freight doesn't get much love on this blog. Because most readers are love to fly and freight does not like going above the airline floor unless firmly strapped or netted in. Cargo Lux received its 10th delivery out of 14 ordered. Its the new type of course, the 747-8F. It also holds onto 11 more 747-400F. The cargo version is a proven performer since its first delivery in 2011.

Number 10 and counting for Cargo Lux

Cargolux welcomes 10th Boeing 747-8 freighter 

Even if its cargo, it remains a beautiful airplane today. Here stands an example of what the A380 can't do. Haul freight efficiently and in all configurations within the hold. New avionics settles the beast in a composed orderly fashion no other can do in its class.  The second best freight hauler is the 777 class with its own enormous hold. However this one above has more dimensional space. It is the life blood of the 747-8 building project. The 747 lives because "nobody does it better" (James Bond reference).

From equipment to food this hauls it all. Recently, the 777 freighter filled it to the brim with Washington State Cherries to China. However, a 747 is best suited for irregular loads and anything you can image that will fit in its space. The 747 and 777 control the air freight world decisively. Neither model has been militarized. It has the C-17 and older C5A`s. The world freight business is just emerging out of a long slump from that last world recession. Boeing is counting on a pick-up in freight trade. The 747-8i is waiting for second large order during this interim time of the A380 order dominance. It may too late for that, as the 777X will breach the market and cause the A380 sales to completely stagnate. It most likely the 747-8F will be the Boeing bench mark for four engine configurations. The next phase promises to be gigantic blended wing bodies in 30 years. I won't be here to see it.