Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Boston Connection

Boston is the new Black for airline profitability. Hainan, Jal, and others are rerouting to Bean Town. No I didn't use the Tea Party metphor for this blog (already used in poltics). The Boston Connection is more entertaining than the French version. Where else can you go on the East coast for Lobster, American engineering and computer code. Nowhere like Boston. People, Chinese, need want and aspire for these commodities. China, a place far away, is addicted to this connection. Hainan Airline had a devious scheme many years ago is some back room in China, that Boston is the untapped American Connection that does not have a wait in line opportunity on its top billing. It is an "Emerging American Hub" for the Orient, who knew? The Boston Connection has been noticed and many people are considering this discovery like a gold strike. The slow motion rush is on. Paper work, applications and agreements rush is on. JAL started with a bang (fire) several years back with the enabling 787.

The "Enabler" (Dreamliner) is the most effective mechanism today for opening new routes such as Boston to all of China. It was reported that Boston area has over 400,000 people who will travel to and from (Boston- China) annnually. Hainan, when no one knew what a Hainan was, ordered some 787. Today everybody else is talking about flying to Boston to go to China. Making others second tier from the crowded traditional super ports like New York, Chicago and DC. Take an express flight to Boston and then go directly to China, or basically on a 787 anywhere flight from Boston that traverses the North Pole. You could say the 787 is remaking Boston and its economy as a world trade center. Its the new gold, "The Boston Connection". Other Airlines are secrectly deciding epuipment purchases along with route acquistions in symphony. United Airlines is attacking the Orient from the West. The route grabbing rush is on, only its not happening in Oklahoma like it did in the 19th century during the great land grab. Its happening in under utilized markets with an abundance of people needed for travel, bringing its intellectual capital into a economic destination such as China. The 787 is the perfect freighter for world intellect going to and from China. Boston is to be the center for world intellectual capital. The connection is that pipe line for transporting this valued commodity, people and its talent.