Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The 747-8I Metaphor Or Metamorphic.

The 747-8i is a Metaphor in its current stage of life. Its a beach mansion hanging on a sea side cliff. The waves of larger aircraft are finally catching up to its lofty perch and eroding under its cliff facade, dropping it into aviation's ocean where it will sun in some desert some day. The 777 wave came then the Mega Ball A380 washed another piece of its foundation away. Finally, A350's arrive along with 787 during the last three years. Boeing countered with a "can't we all get along" commonality pitch to its customers. Stay with the 747-8i because it will seem like a 787 on steroids, even though the 787 is another tool for customers to try, as they stay away from four engines in numbers, since two engines is the "New Black" . The 747-8i cliff keeps eroding, even from its own family of aircraft coming in waves. The abode of the Queen of The Skies, is in peril.

Boeing moved this house back a hundred feet, in an epic effort of metamorphic proportions on the 747-8i. Making it a compliant Jumbo that flies like a 787. Will anyone notice those four engines in the make-over? Rhetorically speaking, four engines is still four engines no matter how you fit out technology, but at least its a step back from the edge in an eroding Jumbo market.  How about that A380 from Europe. It failed as a freighter and then sales are as soft now as the 747-8i. At least the 747-8i is has appeal as as the worlds best over-all freight hauler. The passenger service thinks it looks 45 years old even with a new wardrobe. Its a shinning mansion on an eroding cliff. Every airline takes a shot at its under pinning when ordering another set of two aisles with two engines no matter the maker. Boeing deviously remade the 747-8i not regarding the eroding cliff. It changed its position in the aviation scheme. Took some sales from the A380 in an attempt of spoiling the A380's break even point. Mission accomplished, as Super Jumbo sales are drifting towards irrelevancy.

A dying 747 concept has sacrificed itself for the greater good of Boeing. Time was gained for completing the final nail in the 747 program, by extending its usefulness. The 777X program will have time to develop as the 747-8i holds the A380 off the profit line. Once the 777X launches, the cliff will tumble Boeing's 747-8i into the sunny sea. The 777X is the true twin aisle twin engine Jumbo. The A380 will remain an Airbus profit bleeder. The 747-8i will remain a workhorse for freight hauling. The 747-8i is a metamorphic rock that has  50 years behind it changing into a hardened beautiful Diamond.