Thursday, June 5, 2014

Box Score-Airplane Cards Are Next--Bubble Gum Free

Do we ascribe to percentages, hits, strike outs and Home Runs? I did during my Little league baseball career, as I amassed  thousands of base Ball cards, including Micky Mantle and Roger Marris.

My favorite Dodger pitchers Sandy Colfax and Don Drisdale. Those were the days of my clouded youth of playing Little League and collecting Baseball cards after a game. I was corrupted with a fascination of Baseball and only did I sell my entire collection in San Diego at the Mission Valley San Diego stadium swap meet when I was 30 in 1982.

Now I am interested in starting an airplane card collection not unlike my Little League Base Ball card collection. In keeping with the times it will be constructed online within this blog as a monthly card issue with both Airbus and Boeing at bat for the World Aviation Series. Introductory Card research is a must read below! Let's put the stats on the first team cards issued.

Card Face 737 NG

Card Back
Boeing Championship Series Airplane Card May 2014
May Batting avg                Order Count Deliveries   Net Back Log Change
737                                                 99               39                60
777                                                   0                8                - 8
787                                                   0                7                 -7
Total Changes                              99              54                45
TTL Back Log
Year To Date                              394            271              123         5,199

Customers 69

Trophy "The World Largest Airline 2013.

Card Face A320

Card Back Statistics:
Airbus Championship Series Card May 2014
May BATTING AVG     Order Count Deliveries   Net Back Log Change
A320                                       70             45                  25
A330                                         0               4                  -4
A380                                         0               6                  -6
Total Changes                       70             55                 15
                                                                                              TTL Backlog  
Year To Date                       203            248                -45 5,514

Customers: 64
Ranking; 2nd place; no trophy awarded, but silky and handsome Red Ribbon

Takes Aways: Boeing is winning in a run away for 2014.
  • Boeing has significant gain in orders over Airbus score 394 to 203 Boeing wins by 191
  • Boeing Wins in Delivery YTD 271-248 by a 23 unit margin.
  • Boeing Increases and wins net orders battle by 123 to -45 a 168 unit increase on its backlog over Airbus. Backlog reduction is also important, but is a significant index lowering level during airplane wars is Airbus backlog starts slipping at an increasing rate from softer sales.

Narrowbodies Monopolize May Jetliner Sales

A deal for 37 Airbus A320neos with Tigerair of Singapore led all order activity for the month of May. (Image: Airbus)
June 5, 2014, 12:27 PM
Sales of single-aisle airplanes completely filled the May order books for both Airbus and Boeing this year, increasing narrow body backlogs for both companies despite feverish production activity. The European airframer added 70 aircraft to its order book in May through transactions with both airline customers and leasing companies for its A320 product line, while U.S. manufacturer drew orders for ninety-nine 737s, primarily from unidentified customers. Through the first five months of the year Airbus reports a net order count of 203 while Boeing has registered 394.
For Airbus, an agreement with Singapore’s Tigerair for 37 A320neos to provide future fleet renewal and growth in operations across its Asia-Pacific route network led all May bookings. Meanwhile, Royal Brunei Airlines ordered seven A320neo jetliners for use on its regional network linking the Sultanate of Brunei’s capital and largest city, Bandar Seri Begawan, with destinations across Asia. The deals marked the first Neo orders from Royal Brunei and Tigerair, both existing customers for the A320ceo (current engine option) family.         
For Boeing, a deal for thirty 737Max jets and twenty 737-800NGs with unidentified customers represented the bulk of the order intake for the month, while the new Eastern Airlines of the U.S. ordered ten 737-800s, Thailand’s Nok Air committed to seven Maxs and eight 737-800s and Japan TransOcean Air took another six -800NGs. 
Airbus deliveries in May involved 45 A320-family aircraft, six A330s and four A380s.  At month-end, the combined total of Airbus deliveries in 2014 stood at 248 jetliners to 64 customers. Boeing, meanwhile, delivered thirty-nine 737s, seven 787-8s and eight 777s, raising its total for the year to 271 airplanes to 69 customers.