Monday, June 16, 2014

Big Blog Of The Day 787-9 Cleared For Take-off

The 787-9, as expected have cleared both the FAA and EASA  certification for delivery into the public domain. Seemless testing and frquent flying regimine have set its wings, free of encumbered review by both aviation authorities. Evidently Boeing must have made its case regarding a recent insufficiency discovery by the FAA, concerning flight control issues withing the Cabin. One, a knob needing more attention, and two a capaciter for the RAT, needing upgrading, as it failed in some flying tests. It wasn't sufficient enough issues for grounding the new 787-9, and it could be addressed within the current model, so as it wii not pose a critical problem. Therefore, the FAA, relinguished upon the Boeing's plan of fixing both problems during the next six months as a conditional acceptance of the 787-9. Where Boeing would upgrade components in issue and it would not affect new deliveries.

787-9, Its Good To Go

Open for Business sign goes up for the 787-9. New Zealand Air can possibly recieve a 787-9 by the end of the month with a few more following on by Audgust. ANA is chomping at the bit as it has a nearily ready for prime time 787-9 waiting for the signal to come and pick-it-up phone call. 

Those built 787-9; Flown, Tested, but not ready for delicery at this time:

Under 60 day delivery path:

Air New Zealand (4)
JAL (1)
ANA (1)
United Airline (1)