Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Future Vertical Lift Kick-Off or known as Black Hawk Down.

Get to know these acronyms. FVL (Future Vertical Lift) and then the JMR ( Joint Multi Role).  Its going to replace the Apache and Black-Hawk programs.  This is the initial phase., before putting out an Request For Proposal (RFP) for a 100 billion life of program potential to replace 4000 aging design copies currently in the military. Multi role is a key title which begs for different configurations that would overlap to different frame builders, as the below article indicates from "The Defense News" article share, would indicate.

Linking the "Defense News" article as it is a reading assignment for those interested in the new Vertical Lift Command RFP implementation. By the time I have passed on, this FLV will have deployed. I am writing  about something which will occur beyond my own expiration date. However, Defense News makes this opening article a "Popular Mechanics" type of presentation about the future helicopter concept. A most interesting day dream for aviation. The military has caught that day dream bug since it needs to go beyond the Black Hawk. There are four primary future bidders pushing forward at this time, where only two will make the final cut for the RFP round. Here is my check list of things to do in an all new concept lifter on the battle field. I am sure the DOD has considered these bullet points way before and will be included within the RFP for all comers biding.

  • Stealth (negative electronic detections, Aero designs)
  • Sound (silent mode)
  • Lift Capacity (exceeds current light VL capacity)
  • Armament ( The Kitchen Sink options for attack and defense)
  • People Movers level (Maximum 24 Combat, or 12 medical, or 3 crew per mission)
  • Evacuation capabilities (rapid egress system or capability) a run up the ramp and go.
  • Air Cargo system of modular configuration (on the fly payloads management)
  • Mission Configuration ( Rapid Mission Change management within combat scenario)
  • Range=field of operations 400 miles with refueling capabilities for indefinite flight.
  • Electronic counter measures
  • Satellite command and control-wing management on missions orchestrations.
This is fun I could go all-day Popular- Mechanics style. Okay Its Defense News turn:

Step by Step: US Army Slowly Nears Apache, Black Hawk Replacements

The new Black Hawk ?

The new attack Apache?

The New Combat and Rescue?