Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The 787 Magnum 330 Round is Chambered

The five and a half hour no airport zone is a turn in the 787 fortunes. The NTSB have approved, certified and stamped the 787 out of the  the three hour no land zone giving it two and a half hours more of Ocean and Land, straight line flying time. Trans Pacific, Polar and any other route has legs beyond the vision on all passengers with the approval of the NTSB. Remember these officials who recently said the battery has not been adequately tested since no causal affect for heat runaway has been determined. It needs more testing! Boeing through its own admission already stated this in front of the world in the first place, and has addressed the issue for its ground purposed battery system containment during flight. Using a  steel encasement and system for venting gases, making it virtually imposible of fire or toxins in cabin at 40,000 feet or on the ground. The only thing that damages is the unessessry inflight batteries inside the box. The 787 keeps flying or sits on the ground with out any collateral damage. The NTSB recognises this even though it has rquested more testing on the battery causal affect of runaway battery thermal event.

On to the magnum 330 ETOPS, being the next milestone for the 787. Where the same governing body for the battery failure, NTSB,  has just awarded the 787 a 330 minute crown of independence when it flys anywhere in the world, instead of just 180 minutes fly over space. This means Boeing customers can now draw more straight lines on the map from origin to destenation, saving copiuos quantities of fuel each time passengers desires a trip to anywhere on the planet. Apparently, Boeing 787 customers now have the Magum 330 in Boeing's own flight bag, just as Jason's  and his Aeronaughts have the Golden Fleece. Airbus of course, would want to disagree with its own A350 rapidly approaching entry into service. They would want to complain in keeping with its own delusional press brefings. The 330 ETOPs extends the range of efficiency, cuts time and cost for its customers. Follow-on orders will come forth from fence sitting corporate prospectus. Especially from the purpose driven vacation Airlines that would order a half dozen of this type during a fleet expantion period. The example is, TUI.  Vacation and Business travel, or demographiclly inclined airlines, can now step forward and ask for the 330 Magnum (ETOPs) 787.

This makes 2015 the seminl year as it turns the corner on production efficiency, the reorder and first time orders numbers, and gaining sepertion from its competitor as a difference maker. Airbus will want to complain about that too.