Friday, May 16, 2014

Oh Air Canada, You Lucky Sea Dogs

Air Canada will receive its first 787 into the Homeland on Sunday on May 18, 2014, arriving at Toronto with a select ridership of employees. The excitement for the company is greater than Air Canada's customer critics. Air Canada has studied this aircraft in detail and likes what it sees, with its own future with the 787 equipment. I will share leadership quotes from the press so one can sense the  change of Air Canada's light, after a lengthy winter of operations with Air Canada's make due strategy.

We’re extremely excited. It’s going to be a big winner for us,” said Ben Smith, Air Canada’s chief commercial officer, in an interview.

“When you’re in this industry, it doesn’t happen very often,” said Smith, of the chance to bring back a brand-spanking new plane. “Last time, I got to do that was in 2007, when we took our first Boeing 777.”

The Dreamliner’s 251 seats are also seen as advantageous on routes where it may be harder to fill 300 to 450 seats on a Boeing 777.
“This airplane on its own is a fantastic airplane,” said Smith. “But what’s so special and so unique for Air Canada is the airplane perfectly sized, as if it was custom made for us.
“You don’t get to custom make an airplane, but every once in a while an airplane is built so perfectly for your marketplace that you get an extra special edge,” he said.
The 787 will offer three cabin classes – business, premium economy and economy.

What has Air Canada Found in its new airplane.

  • 251 seats
  • Three classes
  • Long range pleasurable ride.
  • A breathe of fresh air
  • Eternal Sundown, finally, comes with Electronic Window Shades eh!
  • Indoor Northern Lights all the time, requested by Mackenzie Brothers
  • Bangers on early morning flights.
  • Beer in three classes, Large, larger and largest
  • First Canadian Airline having an Eh Class and section
  • Passenger and Flight Attendant Manual with an English to English and French translation.
  • Bush pilot instruction guide 
  • Over Head Hockey and puck Rack. Ask flight attendant about their racks.
  • Flying with beer on stand-by option.
The excitement will continue, once Air Canada launches a plane load of Canadians with a boat load of tourist. Co-mingling that hasn't been seen since the Calgary Stampede in 1971. When I was there sleeping in a  bag on the stampede public camping Island next to Calgary Zoo. I had a personal Canadian showing me Calgary for 24 hrs. I can't even remember his name. Oh well it was fun just the same, arriving with my friends who had hitched hiked with me from Montana. Drop into the Stampede in a 787 and it will make your trip extraordinary part of your life-time. I was 19 then, and still remember it as if it were yesterday (digression font).

Execs Talking Point.
  • Now its anywhere and everywhere
  • Fun to fly in a 787
  • Low Fuel consumption expands Air Canada's world presence.
  • Custom Fit To Canada's Business Plan.
  • We are in the game that the 787 has changed.