Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Few Of My Favorite Things Things or The Morphing of The 777X

Mike Carriker, is a favorite test pilot at Boeing, but with his engineering aspect. He flies them, designs them and then flies them again and again. Its Boeing secret weapon. The "Mike Effect", which went exclusively into the the Boeing 787. Not only did he lead the charge on what an airplane should do, be and is, he lead the charge on first flights.  Guess who showed up to front load the 777X project, Mike Carriker! Enough said at this point. The 777X is a morph of the 737-787 projects. Commonality is the Carriker finger print. Wide displays found on the 787 is on the this promising X plane. The carry forward is immense from all DNA found in the preceding projects. The X child does have a family tree. Draw that tree from its relatives from the last 40 years from the 747 down to the 737.

This strand of Boeing DNA is called the the double helix "Lessons Learned" and is the core strand. In breeding the 777X, it takes the 787 plastic wing influence and flight deck. It takes GE engines not unlike the 787 engines. It explores laminar flow technology just being incorporated in the 787-9 and 787-10 for long bodies. The 737 comes into play at various work stations of development. Confusing somewhat, that's why you pay the engineers the big bucks. It is a delight to the viewing audience to follow this morphing project. There are some Boeing Rabbits not pulled out of the hat yet, but will when the forming stage hits the fan. Folding wings come from the deck of the YorkTown from WWII. The corsair is on the family tree. Mike Carriker is not the father of the 777X he is the mentor of the project. This aircraft will eventually to the pilots, this airplane is going to the engineers now. Engineer/test pilot Mike Carriker is going into the pit and sort the best of Boeing out into one composite aircraft from all others. It not composite with plastics but composite with ideas that work and have worked in premium fashion.  Mike Carriker opus contribution will make him a complete book in Boeing's anthology.

The folding wings, Cab function and Engines will make more pilots fly different types of Boeing models with easy transitions and immediate training. The Plastic sections will fool the aircraft into thinking its the best of the 787 when its a 777X. The items found on the 787 that do not go on the 777X are just variant approaches. The 777X will incorporate the net sum gains from the 777300ER and fly like a 787. The 777-300ER is out selling the A350-1000 for a reason. 20 years ago Boeing hit the suite spot on that design. Now it strives to hit every sweet spot it ever invented during the forty years with modern innovations from those accomplishments. This is a morph project with all hands on deck for the Best of Boeing. Its not a 787, 737, or last years 777300ER. Its best of the show. The Boeing gantlet is thrown down with Carriker to pick up and he has done so.

The pep talk is complete from the above ramble. Blogging is wonderful because we don't compete with column space or editor restrictions, bloggers get to research, think, and write without getting fired. However, understanding the 777X is the next blogger assignment. This is just a brief introduction to this 777X homely.

Below is a Link to the real reporter and my research reference written by Guy Norris. Someone who does a great job.

Aviation Week:

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May 12, 2014
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