Saturday, April 26, 2014

Terminate The Batch

Is it Richard Branson accent or did I spell Batch wrong and it needed an "i" instead of an "a" for the batch word? Richard Branson from Virgin (everywhere you name the region). Has reached a point of no return for Airbus and its A380. Back in 2000 he was an early order for 6 mega Buses. Nothing happened for quite a while. Then the favorites were played by Airbus with Singapore, Emirates, and BA to name a bunch. Branson then proceeded to defer on the first six and its second six A380 options. Several times no less! Anyways, Branson may terminate the batch for the A380.

Bugged the Virgin Atlantic Deal

Richard and the calendar are enemies to his bank account as he building a gigantic aviation empire. On any given day no one can just write a check for 350 to seven hundred million dollars on that day of the week when the A380 needs a dance partner in Paris.

Every Month another 6-10 newly minted 787's take-off to everywhere, following the same  Branson theme,  once again he gets scorned by competitors in and around Australia.  "Why can't that be me", as Branson, bristles the hackles on his back of his neck, "I'm calling O'Leary at Ryan Air, he makes me calm down. You know what, that 787 hauls a bunch for less money and everybody seems to like it too. Do I have to be a PT Barnum fan and fly the A380? Well no, I don't! Somebody get me Randy's Phone number on the west coast."  Put Ryan on hold I'm calling Tinseth now. Hello Randy, I need a dozen 787-10 and those 16 787-9 I've already ordered, stat. Will gold bullion work or do you need a check?"

Randy then tells him that the 787-10 has only 132 units in line, and the 787-9 line is at 406 units waiting. However, "we have people who can't finance its way out of a wet bank bag". Branson responds, "Every time someone delays or pushes back, I want that spot. Here is my Swiss Airplane buying account, xxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx, Okay!"

Randy Tinseth then tells him that we will  have a new production list coming out for the 787-10 next month. "I can only promise you 3 spots near the front of the line on that first go around! Richard then answers, " that works fine, you got my Swiss Number?"

Randy, "Of Course and Boeing is ready and willing to be your new BFF from this point forward."

I had a hard time getting this super secret phone recording from office bugs and other clandestine efforts. Richard is moving forward while the A380 sticks on the flight line.