Friday, March 28, 2014

Bending Numbers Like Beckham Makes a Compelling Case In Japan

The recent ANA order has brought out the Analyst spirit in an Airbus weighted curve for the NEO and a Logical replete for the  777-9. The A350-1000 does not meet the 777-9 nine in an open market.  Several references  of a less than optimal 787-8 is now a secondary option when new orders will be opened in the next 5 years sounds like more Airbus Think Tank verbiage. Boeing has the future high ground in the orient with the 787-9 and 787-10.

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ANA Goes Shopping: Our Analysis of the Order

After reading this article I don' t no where the numbers come from for the NEO aircraft for a model not yet in service. I don't know the Max numbers as well. However, I do know each airline customer lining up for a Max or NEO purchases get to gloat over its choice.  I tried to come to a conclusion for the ANA case on the NEO, from a seat cost per passenger and the distance range for the NEO. This being called an analysis, does not give a citation on raw numbers, but agrees with ANA's sensibility on how it will replace old equipment with new NEO's and New 777-300, -9's.

The Airbus A350 -1000  can't hold up against the 777-9. ANA filled its play book with more 787-9, as it will replace all older 767's in time. Where does this leave JAL with its wide bodies from Airbus? It leaves them hoping the Airbus sales team told them the truth about the Bus.