Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Question To The Press, Is Boeing Poised To Produce Ten 787 A Month In Everett?

Looking at Boeing's production slots 1-4 they have 2 each of the 787 on the production list in Everett,WA from station one through four. I noticed this as a anomoly, or is this what Boeing really is doing towards the ten a month pace it has just launched since the first of the year. The surge line is primed with four in its production as well as the the main production sequence in building 40-24.  However, building 40-26 (surge)  same like number of 4 787 in its final assemby line. Theroetically, Boeing could push ten units a month down final assembly in the Everett production scheme. That is my Big news observation. They don't need Charleston for the time being, until Boeing works out the Charleston kinks. Please "news" do a follow up on this idea, it has legs.