Monday, February 3, 2014

Boeing Attacks The Future With The 787

JAL just landed in Vancouver, Wa with its 787-8. What rides with these 186 first passengers is an army of technicians, engineers and designers. Boeing has unleashed an army of human resource to master  the refinement of the 787 in a short time period. It also has ramped up the build to 10 a month the best rate a new age wide body can go. Not only has it ramped up the build rate it has reigned in the flying squawks like a bug light during moth season. The importance of February-May 2014 time sequence can not be over looked. Today's Blog is dedicated to the arrival of JAL to Vancouver run as a new beginning for this juggernaut. Engineering is perfected during these next few months.

The arrival of this airplane steps up the footprint. Not only is the orient embracing this arrival today so is the aviation world as a whole. Why? It represent the Boeing surge forward towards its future. The dedicated effort is in place. If all continues as planned, the 787 will reach significant milestones in market presence. Market presence is critical for future orders in 2015. Once the 787 has reached not just a certain market share but a significant world footprint, customers will expect its ticket pricing, customer technologies and comfort. These items are becoming the new expectation in travel. How quickly Boeing moves forward with the 787 will indicate how far the 787 will take the future market. The 787 puzzle of problems will disappear leaving the 787 alone as the most advanced aircraft of its age. Airbus will not have solved the problem as it languishes in older ideas and applications.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Japan makes first landing at Vancouver's airport