Monday, January 13, 2014

The Commonality Is Called Kiwi Quality from Air new Zealand

Three Boeing Aircraft Classes, and One Airline Customer Goal. Its the Air New Zealand remodeling campaign. Customers, no matter how they book long legged runs will think they are always on optimum aircraft all looking and feeling the same. The 777-200 are going under refurbishment soon, where each -200 will receive the royal glove treatment. From nose to tail they will take out the old, 2005 and newer 777-200 interiors, and completely upscale that interior that will match, equal or exceed in some interior areas of its stable mates.. The mates include the yet to arrive until later in 2014,  787-9 and 777-300ER.  The seats on all aircraft and the room in each passenger space will have an Air New Zealand  trademark seating environment with all the amenities of the newest fleet member benchmark interior found on the 787--9. By next year if you get on a 777-200 then you will pleased to know you are experiencing a quality standard set by the latest seating innovation throughout the airline.

No matter  what, you could have one of these for the family:

Australian Business Traveller

Or one these economy seats for yourself:

But this will be the 777-200 new seating compliment that matches its stablemates; 
You know, the 787-9 and 777-300 ER. Now you know how crazy the Kiwis are getting in a good kindof way, then you have a seamless experience flying down under into the Orient. 

The only distinction that will be made is the sound of the engines or lack thereof the sound of engines. If the passenger takes off without knowing what aircraft type they are on, then Air New Zealand will have succeeded in lulling the passenger into complacency of quality no matter the model.