Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Great Middle East Airplane Heist

In Real Estate its always been about location, location, and Location! All others will just have to pound sand since they don't have location. The Middle East or the "Gulf States", as known to everyone else. Has three important things going for it.

  • Sand
  • Location
  • Oil
After hiring, "the brightest minds", with its vast amounts of cash, and showing those minds, the vast amounts of sand, they asked, 

"what about your location?  

This is not much of a business bringing people into 120 degrees, six months of the year", 

...was the answer from those bright minds. 

Then it was asked again, "what about Location?? "  

Answer:  "We could bring 100,000 of thousands of people in (for just pounding sand), while in the 120 degree temperature. It worked well for Las Vegas where we dropped a lot of oil money on those showgirls and blinking lights on the strip."

One bright mind in the back of the room, was playing with "his personnel device", much to astonishment of those gathered in that hot place.

This air conditioned palatial room, was built on a hot piece of sand blown real estate. It sits next to the Gulf of Arabia. All eyes in room turned to that "mind", of which those were hypnotised on him, and him playing the device. He looks up startled, and shouts out, 

"what about location!!!"

The whole room erupts into laughter, since it was the "third location reference" in as few same minutes.

Embarrassed and sheepish, that bright mind seeks a quick recovery from his aloof statement,

"I'm not just holding an IPod, I'm holding a Magellan GPS, and an air travel mapping system."

More laughter erupts!

This poor guy can't catch a break, and he will probably be sent out on a long errand looking for for desert water.

Thinking quick with his Harvard MBA, school educated mind, he makes a quick schooled response, while referencing his laser pointer, and the big screen showing the world map.

"Dubai and Doha are in the center of that map.  In fact it is placed on the center of all wall maps."

Smugly and silently thinking to himself, 

"I'm not going for "no stinkin water" in the desert, I'm in it to win it today".

"Dubai is located here on the map, right dead center of the travel world! Just when people think they want to go somewhere by flying around the world, they fly over Dubai or Doha. London doesn't have anymore real estate, nor does Los Angeles or Frankfurt. For that matter we can buy satellite feeder locations throughout the world, as in Australia, or through Qantas airlines, using a code sharing scheme. Let us begin to market the Middle East as a world center for your dreams, by getting people in and out to their destinations in an efficient cheaper manner, than trying to buy new centers in already congested airports regions, found around the world."

You could hear a pin drop in the silent room. In fact someone dropped their platinum diamond studded writing pin in on the floor. Everyone acted annoyed, because it interrupted the room full of minds trained on thought. The roomful of minds knew he grabbed onto something, then he blurted out, 

"We have the location, the money and the courage!" 

The room erupted in cheers and applause. Dubai was whispered about as the fifth course of food and drink was brought in. The mind that dared play with personnel device, was asked by many if they could look at his GPS, you know, that same device that he had just played with a few minutes ago.

Location is what the Middle East has, there are only a few other places in the world that could pull this plan off. The major airlines of the world will have to come to them in a code share exchange. Chicago O'Hare has congestion and is wintered. Where they will accept long legged 777-8's and 9's carrying 350-407 passengers to the Gulf, and then onto another A380 bus ride. The Gulf would send a mix of passengers coming in from many airline arrivals, and them  out onto high density destinations with its larger seat count (525). A mass quantity elsewhere. Direct flights from A to B around the world doesn't necessarily need the A380 all the time, but it will need the 777-9 or 8 most of the time. The other airlines will will be dance partners found on its dance card. United airline can't buy this location nor can Singapore Air. They can only share this location on our terms. The desert here has added value more than just oil.

A Las Vegas type synergy is is not a Gulf State plan. Vegas was a gas stop in the desert during the 1950's. So Vegas marketed things that adults would not like the folks back home to know about. That Vegas synergy built it a bigger airport, and a bigger city of over a million. Connecting like minded pleasure seekers to its desert isolation.

The Gulf states has its own synergy built on its location, and can choose to build business and geopolitical attractions as an adjunct to that location. Las Vegas does not have location. It just has... well you know, it has Vegas, and Hoover Dam. So its synergistic tendencies are limited to sun, sand and sin, and is certainly not the center of the world on the wall map. The Gulf states are poised for globalization transits and can be a facilitator for the worlds Global meetings. Hosting the world on a grand scheme, without distractions, but with plush amenities is perfect for this Globalized world that most people are not aware during these last ten years.

Whereas, The Gulf states, because how the globe is positioned with people all over the place, is in the central location to make world ends meet its means in Dubai. The synergy is phenomenal. The Arab states realize this, and the all the remaining airline world can do is buy hub busters like the 777 and 787's as a competitor. The Arab states are Super Hub Compliant. The crowded Northern metros are overbuilt and can't add many more Super Hubs expansions for its airspace and its available land. Both of which the Arab states have in abundance for synergistic growth. Location, Land and Logistical Skies. This will also bring a second tier of expansion to the Gulf States. A place to meet and greet and do business on a world's largest scale class. The goals of the Gulf states are not even on the radar screen yet as evidenced by the world press. The massive purchases at Dubai for the 777, 787 and A380 are the small steps taken for that ultimate goal of being the major world player; dominating travel and commerce from its Super Hubs, and purpose built flight lines for that end. Finally, Dubai and Doha are leaving its competitors pounding sand in its wake.

Dubai Is A Sand Station That The Others Will Begin Pounding Together For ITs Share Codes as the Gulf States Dominate. Jet A fuel is not the only thing it produces. Location is the new Oil.

So the heist is all those airplanes the Arab states will pull in from other airlines as code shares.