Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Back On 2013 Talking Point

Descending Order of Importance:

  • 787 Grounding from January Through March 2013
  • IAM Rejection of Boeing Moves Boeing Further away from the NW
  • Glitching The 787 continues
  • A re surging order Book of 797/737's  and 182/787's more to come by January 1.
  • The Max configuration freeze
  • 787 GE's frosty engine condition
  • Japan Airline Airbus A-350 Order
  • Charleston Production space expansion in the works
  • Dubai Airshow Orders
  • Paris Air Show General Duopoly News
  • 175-737NG orders for Ryan Air 
  • Production Stability in The NW and improving in the SE sites.
  • Customers experience immense value in spite of 787 Glitching risk

2014 at a glance:

  • 2014 gets its Boeing Team ducks in a row with a new commander
  • Prediction: Order Book continues upward climb and catches the NEO
  • Prediction: 787- series increase order book pad by another 150 units
  • 777X: Gets tangible with GE prototype and A wing Builder site near SLC
  • Boeing Announce 777X production location (???) Big money says...
  • The Pacific NW tries to a new plan with Government and unions "Relevancy in 2014"
  • Boise, ID gets nothing, zippo, scat from Boeing along with 22 other potential sites.
  • Airbus gets desperate and moves its first A350 to market.
  • Complimentary flights get complimentary about the A350 even though the windows are old school.
  • The 787 Glitches becomes the Ghost of Christmas past finally!
  • Nancy Pelosi Comments, "you have to fly it first before you can fix it" (awkward)