Monday, December 16, 2013

Boeing's Magical Mystery Tour On A Yellow Submarine

Boeing like a Rock Star moves out on tour being surrounded by city managers, realestate agents and people with money, all crowding in for a signature on its own community charter paperwork. Boeing like a Rock Star keeps on smiling as if on Ted's Most Excellent Adventure. Every community organizer in the nation is yelling like a teenage girl, "Pick me, Pick Me". I too, want Boeing to come to my community, Boise, ID. No chance of that, because our conservative no union base is thinking little tiny thoughts of getting the high school band just to march down to the Capitol building via 8th street with John Philip Sousa renditions of patriotic songs. Its almost shameless how these national communities are begging, screaming or plea for a signature on the community napkin found on the ground. Please  build a Boeing plant just for the 777X within our..., even near our county parameter. "Boeing we want you even in our state, we're desperate bunch of love sick groupies who want you to put a show on/in our school district ,city, state  the North Western region.

Boeing, The Rock Star has an agent, doing the PR work. They know what they are already going to to do. The  "Yellow Submarine Tour" is Boeing making a point with the Unions. Boeing is going to build in Charleston or Texas anyways. The magical mystery tour is just high level PR  campaign that will enable Boeing to make a point by stating its many positions to many people with a fire for effect result on its main target. Today's talking points:

  • Unions were worked with (over) and given an opportunity
  • The Washington Politicians were worked with (fleeced) and given an ear.
  • Boeing seriously wanted an inclusive nation (oh yeah) to participate on this tour.
  • The screaming teenage girls (Think Tank) are driving this relocation campaign
  • Boeing is a very important Industrial Rock Star, and did every town gets its swag bag?
  • Boeing will sing "She loves Me Yeah , Yeah, Yeah" at the announcement party.
  • "We all live in a yellow submarine" is a metaphor, you think!
  • Abby Lane is not a Boeing address.
  • Sargent Peppers Lonely Heart Club, was penned in Everett,Wa
  • At the press conference Boeing stated, "I wanna hold your haaaand! In harmony
Now you know how this whole sordid business is being handled. Boeing is the Rock Star inebriated on its own wealth seeking an Alpha for its future X projects. This is not an anomaly with Boeing, the pimping out its industrial might for each project is the new norm. The next great Airplane will be coming to an Industrial Park near you (already decided). The type of business trekking is a new type of industrial progress. Much like a mountain adventurer who watches each step through the boulders and doesn't assume the trail is smooth. The next great airplane will have another full vetting for its location. Because billions will do that for you. The Rock Star can own 5 homes around the world. If tired of the color scheme, they just move to a newly built mansion and sell the old house with its provenance for millions of dollars to the next wanna be.

Human nature is replicated in life with the same theme at all financial levels of life. How long does a Rock Star put up with disgruntled help? Talk to Donald Trump about that. You know him as, Mr. You're Fired. Boeing has a comb over attitude for what it wants to do. Either you go with it, and make as much as you can out the association with Boeing, or get out of the way. Community organizers everywhere are excited about wealth, and Boeing. They are not getting out of the way. They are jumping right in the way of Boeing's plans. Hoping for enough bread crumbs to build new schools and libraries and for re elections.

Am I so jaded that I will speak out like this about Boeing?  No I am not, because its not about Boeing, its about our country. Boeing is in "A Guy's gotta do, what a Guys gotta do", mode, and this nation is obliging the Boeing Sweep Stakes with shameless appeals for local recognition, and a consideration from Boeing. In order for Boeing's scheme to work there must be a demand from a raft of communities (customers) who would like Boeing's services.

Where will this magical mystery tour end? It will end where it started, in Charleston, SC. Boeing can then say, they did all they could  do  for everybody, and now the best decision for the corporation is on Charleston 400+ acre property. Those billion's already invested in Charleston will not go to waste.  They are closer to its launch customer's in the Gulf region by building in Charleston, SC. The hand writing is on the sand near Myrtle Beach. Boeing knows what it will sing, even before it started singing as a group. If only the Chinese or Japan had bought 250 777X's they would have considered the left coast. Don't Forget The Boeing Motto engraved in stone in Chicago, Il.  "A Guy's Gotta Do What A Guy's Gotta Do!

PS:Those yellow submarines are in Boeing's Defense Division in the archive department.