Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Temperature Rising In Dubai

Now rumors are beginning to explode across the Sand. $100 billion may go by in Dubai before its over. Boeing may have the high ground this year and collect a significant recognition from orders from its total line of aircraft from the 737 clear through the 777X. Below is the the dance card for this event.

Seattle Times Chart

Please link to Seattle Times: What Is This 777X You Speak Of?

A good reference chart above for Billionaires and their friends. The 777-8 looks to sit on top of the Airbus A350-1000 with its proposed range and capacity of 353 folks and 10,800 mile stretch. The 777-9  will be the Twin Engine Maestro of the skies hauling would be A-380 and 747 clients, en mass on their way in an 18,000 mile arch.  Going 9,300 miles east one way, and then 9,300 miles west the other way from the same airport. That could be a circum-navigation of  habitable earth from just one airport with 407 of your best new friends during a twelve hour or longer social experience.

Everybody in the Arab league is kind of keeping its hand sort of close to the vest until Sunday next. $100 Billion in play, I would expect Airbus will shore-up some interest for its follow-on business, and other  loose ends not yet in closing. However, Boeing will break ground on a rising new star, the totally remade and innovative 777X family of aircraft. Airbus must endure this display of ordering until its next Paris rendezvous in 18 months.  In the mean time the flailing 787 glitch is melting into late into 2013, and thoose blimishes will clear up like a teenager does on his 20th birthday. No more pimples please on the 787 program during 2014! Now that we have that thought scrubbed off the face of The Dubai Airshow, clamor is starting to line up a confirmation of rumors for the show as all the rumors of orders keep exploding out in the last 48 hours. 100 Billion will approach a Paris or London amount in value. However, since Airbus does not have any new game changing types showing up at the show I suspect that Boeing will have its cheesy smile team (cst) in place already, as they measure out (tape measures in hand) the different venues at the show and the best camera angles. They will be marking the spots with masking tape on the floor where they should humbly stand when commenting about 100 Billion in orders at the show. Somewhere, the name Boeing will be mentioned several thousand times during press briefings. And oh yes, Airbus will be there too! I can't wait for Boeing humbleness to meet Airbus humiliation (or just humility)...