Friday, November 29, 2013

JAL Elevates To A Women's Scorn Level 5 For Boeing

"Boeing and GE see JAL's move to suspend 787 operations from subtropical zones susceptible to the unusual core icing issue as a mixed signal. Though neither would comment directly last week, some within the companies consider the type's withdrawal to be an overly cautious step, while others view it as symptomatic of the increasingly difficult relationship between the airline and Boeing. The lengthy delays to the 787 and its subsequent service-entry problems have strained the JAL-Boeing rapport, which took a turn for the worse in October with the carrier's historic decision to acquire the Airbus A350-900 and -1000."

In the wake of Boeing's advisory, JAL is withdrawing 787s from service between Tokyo, New Delhi and Singapore and is suspending plans to use the type between Tokyo and Sydney. All three routes are in subtropical regions where core icing has been encountered with increasing frequency since the 1990s, in lockstep with the growing air traffic there. The unrecognized form of icing inside engines causes surges, thrust loss or power “roll-backs” with little or virtually no warning."

The order from JAL to the Airbus is a broken relationship, not a sales coup for Airbus. People change as Corporations change. If a board member cannot stand broken promises from Boeing, then it seeks people who will change its direction as a matter of principal, not a matter of what’s best for the operation. They secretly agree they can live with an A350 while turning the page on Boeing's unsolved 787. JAL failed to negotiate a 777 deal and have ceased supporting the 787 with a stiff upper lip. Instead, without warning it simply walked away leaving Boeing sales team to pick up the tab as it got on the Air-bus Transit after the Boeing diner. The first Boeing responders reacted by thinking it was something they failed to do while dining. But it became a glitchy, "that dog don't hunt no more" exercise, from the 787 project.

Here is JAL''s problem. Acting out in disappointment or anger at Boeing's mishap plague aircraft, will do more harm into the future for JAL, as its competitors will begin to receive preferred status, for a refined 787 that will seize the market right out from under JAL. Since JAL did not hang in there fully addressing the risks through the tough parts. They retreated when the end game of perfecting the 787 is close at hand. A mystifying reaction for all that is invested, even though Boeing counters the problems, they blinked.

Boeing will regroup and will suffer remorse about JAL. However it will refocus marketing in the Region with Singapore, China and Australia. These competitors may leave Japan Airlines on an "Island" for the region. If Airbus type aircraft cannot fatten operational margins with the A350, and instead diminish those very new found margins operating the 787, then anger or impatience will cost JAL. Message was received by Boeing and now the Icing campaign is received through JAL's cool bulletin on canceled routing and flights in regions where the icing threat is not likely. It means to me that JAL is not done yet slapping Boeing until it feels better about what its going to do in the near future. That is a full departure from Boeing, because some strong will and headstrong group has gained momentum in its decision making. Boeing can only take that group out to diner so many times and offer preferred status so many times before both JAL and Boeing see those meeting for what they are, a mere inconvenience. 

JAL took the risk as first customer with a new guy on the block, but are unwilling to see it through. It may be time to move on with better situations, no matter how many flowers Boeing comes to JAL's door, when they want to date other manufacturers, even if doing that is a really risky business! What internal memo rationalizes JAL's lambasting for every Boeing problem, it still remains a very safe airplane and both Boeing/GE and the FAA are doing its due diligence and correcting any problem with a; first priority and in a very timely manner. When Airbus lost flight 442 (A330) with a total hull loss, its customers stood by Airbus. That was no inconvenience, it was tragic!  What’s tragic here, is JAL's actions, and no confidence comments from deep space.