Monday, November 25, 2013

Jack Frost Hits The 787 Right In The GE Engine

and other Thanksgiving Turkey suffers.

  • You mean GE didn't test the 1B engine in all conditions?
  • Software is the answer for when and when not to blast the Ice out of the engine.
  • Rolls Royce prepared for Jack Frost
  • JAL Is "Quick Draw McGraw" again and punches on Boeing with a 787 grounding and grounding charges $$$. They really are hating on Boeing.
  • The 777X proves to be a part of the Gulf State Strategy for world domination.
  • 407 seats and 8,200 miles  is the ultimate Hub Buster
  • 350  seats is "Brave Heart" Freeeeedom...!! for 9,200 miles.

 Those are this weeks turkey stuffers: Below are valid comments on the POINTS

I wonder why all that testing of GE engines in the heat, at high elevation and Northern Canada did not reveal an Icing problem during normal operations by flying over thunder storms? This seems like a corner was cut has bitten Boeing again with its engine supplier. I am sure GE has empirical data supporting all conditions and could have concluded statistically that this would not/never happen in optimal situations, and is  very rare situations if at all. It has become a frequent Turkey Stuffer.

Software can't fix everything, it can only assist  mechanical functions by activating those mechanics for regulating the Icing problem. It seems that GE is now taking a paradigm shift towards activating a solution it should have provided in the first place since it has a ready made solution within 72 hours of the first Icing problem report. Once again Boeing takes a hit because a supplier failed its due diligence on a known quantity.

Rolls Royce has not reported a similar condition with its engine regarding Icing. They must have done its work  before releasing the engine and will continue to fly on as GE sorts out its own mess hurting Boeing further with its customers like JAL.

Speaking of 787 Launch customer JAL who no longer wants to participate as a glitch crash dummy for the 787 program, they may as well refund Boeing for those preferred prices given them when they bought so many 787, since they are dropping out of the launch customer status with a snarky attitude. I know all new airplanes go through a shake-out period they will reveal everything wrong under normal repeated operations. JAL felt they had reached its limit of problems and drew a line in the proverbial sand and bought 31 A--350 in the face of being a "Boeing Exclusive Launch Leader" (BELL). I guess these are types of faulted relationships and faulted trust. It bothers me when it happens. Boeing may have crossed JAL's line in the sand, but JAL response is an unmitigated shame cast, when so much has been establish between the two, for so long, just to flip it off.

Boeing will try to mend fences but more from a position of strength as it opens up the 777X order book without Japan in mind. Airbus may breach into the orient market place, but Boeing has breached the Gulf States Market from Airbus. The A 380 is a Purpose Driven type for the Mid-East. The Mid East has space, sand and more airspace for the world. Its not that the mid-east is a destination, but has geographic position on the globe for joining east with west in a very efficient manner. Not having population clutter around it. The A380 lands or takes off with 500+ passengers, then directs fleets of 777X anywhere east or west. North or South in the world, with its "Special Purpose Built 777's. Whether its a 350 seat -8 or a 407 seat -9, it will service the A380 nicely coming in from LA X, London Heathrow or Australia, and then send those customers around the world elsewhere on the 777's. Its more about being a Super Hub than liking one aircraft manufacturer over the other. They want purpose built aircraft from anyone like Boeing or Airbus and they have deep pockets for those luxury aircraft when they need them. Enough said on that!

This a Turkey Day wrap as I am thinning out the LiftnDrag slices during the Holidays, and I too will bring another version of "What's Under The Tree", and a January Boeing Forecast for 2014, and other seasonal fun stuff. It will be difficult to up the entertainment, but I will try as I enjoy expressing my thoughts, sarcasm, and wit concerning Boeing. As gggoes for a beating of its arch competitor Airbus during the season. If I slip a nugget out that has not yet been reported upon, so be it!