Thursday, November 14, 2013

Captain Hindsight Shows Up At The Boeing Gate

Its the after IAM vote Obituary: IAMs last hurrah in the NorthWest. If I were in the IAM I would be renting a house, not buying. Boeing's offer in the contract establishes a Plan "B" finger print all over it. The 777X program will move off site in 5 years. Time enough to build elsewhere. Many suitors are in the the hunt way before this vote. Boeing had already made up its mind they just needed the Unions cooperation with a vote no to make it happen. Boeing story is complete for its next big thing. I admitt I missed it earlier since I was going with a cheaper brand of tea leaves.

Boeing has a plan and follows these steps.

Phase I
1. What if Everett Washington Was Nuked By Boeing, Then what?
2. Boeing needs three plausible Plan B's by noon yesterday.
3. Plan B's arrived sooner rather then later.
4  Provide IAM a cannon fodder contract for a vote up or DOWN.
5. Its a vote "no" as predicted, Nuke it! Send people over to The Center For Blame Development (CFBD).

Phase II
1. We are at phase two where are the 5 year plans for the 777X?
2. California, Texas or elsewhere plan B's on the Table by noon.
3.. "Unions, I don't see no stinking unions", options are opened..
4. Where is the two year build plan for facility development?
5. Land, Lots of land; Water, lots of Water, and Rail lots of railroads.

The Power Grid and Phase III

1. Liberalism and capitalism make for strange Bedfellows in the State of Washington.
2. Oil, Texas and More Oil get along better as Emirates, Dubai and Qatar become Launch customers for the 777X.
3.What  about Houston and NASA property up the road a piece from the Gulf of M.
4. Texas fly's non stop to just about everywhere, and its right next to somewhere.
5. Houston solves a problem and shoots for the moon.

Press conference is held in Seattle at the CFBD explaining how all this could have been avoided, but it was from the IAM decision making leadership, of which unfortunately, they had no control over. They voted and "We" acted to save the company! We have to compete as our competitors are offering COTS copies at an alarming rate.  "Blah,Blah, Blah" is a word added to the Boeing Lexicon.

So now you have it from the universal Boeing calculator, A world driven by corporate land mines and hopeful minions seeking a pay check.