Friday, November 8, 2013

Boeing Needs Two "Fish On" Call Outs

When you are trying catch your limit when fishing you need luck, skill and the right time for a catch. Boeing needs two fish before calling out "fish on". One is the Washington State legislature who has to come to terms with Boeing incentives this next week early, before the second fish can come on, The IAM union vote is scheduled later next week. If the Washington Legislature can't offer what Boeing wants, it becomes an non incentivize plan B move for Boeing using its paid facilities elsewhere, and then the second IAM fish becomes less attractive. Boeing needs to hook both fish this next week.  In 2003, the legislative incentives where laid down on Boeing's financial keel. However, wiggle room "rewarded" Washington State with a Charleston, SC plant, and extensive parts making in Japan when it came to the 787 project. The wings flew the Washington coop for Japan. Washington State got schooled by Boeing's lessons learned committee of expressway deed doers from corporate offices.

Japan has now schooled  Boeing by attracting all Boeing's business to its country and then Japan Airlines commits the unpardonable sin of ordering 31 Airbus A350. Having  dug a deep  hole of lost trust in Japan, Boeing is going to Dubai to make a statement next week at the Airshow, pointed  directly at JAL The 777X better be all that! Otherwise, things will get nasty at Boeing for awhile. I image some Corporate Change Management will occur, if the next X doesn't run smoothly off the flight line. Therefore, since I drank the Boeing cool-aide a long time ago, I think the 777X program  will stimulate the world thirst with a fuel sipping  777X, and view the A-350 as a clunker next in line to the Edsel.

Back to the Washington Legislature: The debate will continue on Friday November 8 and into early next week. How do we incentivize Boeing and not have them build plan B in like Long Beach, California of all places. Washington State can build wings too! :(  Not only that, didn't we already give Boeing the keys to land west of the Cascades and beyond? :) If the state can extend the 2003 May-Flower-like compact through 2025 with fewer loop holes, as in no new 777X plants elsewhere outside the NW.  With a previso that all major assemblies remain within Washinton's tax base, This exchange and consent with agreements of a tax benefit for Boeing, in the manor "pleasing" Boeing's Board in Chicago. The statement using the word "pleased" is a common verbage Boeing uses in PR bullets when announcing a deal with another  airline, and should be included when making a deal with Washinton State or The union. "Boeing is pleased to announce , yada yada, yada, that both the Unions and State of Washington have offered its services in building the world's best aircraft, the 777-X, somewhere North of Olympia and so forth.  At least I got Boeing's PR words in, "is pleased", in the approprate spot of this paragraph.

More pleasing thoughts on this matter. What do you do with the 5,000 folks in SoCal who are now working on the last C-17 on this run? I have an Idea! How about moving the 767 tanker project south, once flight testing starts on the 767 KC145 project.  The 5,000 would continue with military projects like the tanker, and the space opened in Everett would give the 777X a slick new production center. Its then roomier in Everett and Boeing could build the remaining order book on the 777-200/300 standing orders when expanding into the old 767 space for the 777X. Good thing Boeing doesn't have me working for them, I have many more ideas like that which could ruin a company, just sayin! The two fish to land for Boeing are, the envelope please:
  • the IAM contract vote, yes, with Boeing and...
  • Incentivization for Boeing from the Washington State Legislator