Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Favorite Car Growing -up, 57' Chevy.

My 57' Chevy had fins, hand cranked windows and a distinct rumble of a small block 8. It was "sweet", even though it was pink and grey in the color scheme. Starting with an "inline blue flame six", or upgrading to the 283 cu.inch eight, and coming in various models like the sedan, station wagon or Belaire.  The chevy could attrach girls like the bees to the hive. Why doesn't General Motors come out with a modern 57 chevy with a 4.6 liter motor (same size as the 283 cu.inch rumble? Add all the modern fuel saving technologies and attrach girls to the hive like the old one did.

Let's step up this DREAM one more notch.  Boeing, why don't you come out with a new 57 Nomad aircraft? An all composite niche filler with cool looking tail fins, larger windows, and no rumble. The idea is to build an advanced technology new 757 plugging it between the MAX and the Dreamliner gap with sexy seating, a stiletto body, and a cool set of wings.  Attracting the savvy traveler on board with a fast and silent, awesome airline design. Which reaches beyond the MAX, and creates its own following going to hip places. The 737 MAX, maxes out at 189, and the 787 starts losing climb with a lower seat count at 210 and below. Why not a perfect 200 seat single isle 757. Made of composites with a right sized pair of engines of choice, for cruising "on the drag" on a Saturday night. Single isle is for romantics not liking a wifi flirt the second isle over. The romance is in the design, and its close and comfortable seating. With an average 34-38" pitch with 20" wide wiggle room. A 6 X 34 seat/row configuration is a logical choice for stepping down from the 787 base design into single isle CFRP aviation.

If Boeing goes for a Nomad(ish) 7-57 design, then I'm on board to Hawaii with my significant other. Or on a ski junket in Switzerland. Blend cool with techno in a single isle configuration, allows for efficiency, expanding comfort, and a smidgen more of style, making people forget about the Concorde from Paris to New York. In fact people won't want to get off this particular Neo classic 757, "new concept" design. So please fly subsonic, because I'm making my own time with the one I just met. Mach .85/.86 is perfect for a Trans- Atlantic crossing. Smooth flights are for smooth people cruising the Oceanic drag. Its a long 757 airplane, like those Hollywood stretch limousines in party mode with tinted windows.

One further caveat, Boeing please market this strongly,  as the corporate stretch limo for around the world. Also as the around the world classy "B" model for  "Business". A two hundred seat convention crasher.  Leather and all the trimmings arriving in stiletto fashion with its top corporate shakers and movers.

The C Model is for travel Customers who want to get from here to there in style on a single 200 seat isle. It is fast sleek and beautiful.

The "A"  model is for "All" things that the 757 is capable of doing. An interchangeable such as for military, freight or commuter capacity with interchangeable dynamics for a mission with a shorter take-off and landing capability guarantee. Make it the Swiss Army knife frame. A flying medivac one day, and a very nice passenger hauler the next day, after locking down Mobile seats that roll in during the evening and move on passengers quickly configuring to its next mission. From a special mission to general passenger service is just a click on the cell phone making it "a  make it so request". The Charter giant has arrived for football teams to bands and vacationers. Each seat could pop out in under sixty seconds and make room for a combo flight of special assignments and passengers or reconfigure for the commercial or military mission.

The "A" is an all purpose frame fitting the mission from high class to general transport over night. Going into the 200 person niche doing most anything with a high tech salon for its passengers. Not too big or small, but just  the size you need making it big or small within the hull constraints. Fast durable and efficient, having both the lap of luxury and the flexibly of the mission assignment. Aviation's first commercial luxury SUV of the air. A fully equiped company of 160 soldiers arrive in style to some outlying post mission ready and supplied.

Boeing must make this select niche perfect for both large and small operations with a multitude of possibilities to bring it back to life. And sell it as, "it can do what you want no matter the mission." in tight spaces or long flights. You have a plan, we have the plane approach for the 757. It has fins to make it cool.

57' Chevy Meet the 757-300 in Operation Condor.

Operation Condor Meet the 787-8 For Final Design Points

Boeing please get the three together to make it a "Chick magnet" in honor of the 57' Chevy. Please call it the Nomad and please let me fly on one for free when you make it? :)