Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Michael O’Leary, Ryan Air Enough Said!

My Favorite Airline Exec is at it again. He is venturing into the 787 realm of thoughtful possibilities. Today's article feature the rational of a great airline leader building an empire with the 737 NG (not Max). I have teased and  made sarcastic remarks about his wisdom not understanding his bigger picture of empire and now have settled into admiration for his character and sensibilities. Stupid me,  he should have a movie made about his empire building. I love his swagger and success.  Today a WSJ article comes out revealing a hint of O' Leary's empire:

Ryanair’s O’Leary Backs Boeing 787 for Long-Haul Flight

Budget Airline Chief Says Order Backlog Delaying Decision on Trans-Atlantic Service

Michael O'Leary said Boeing's Dreamliner is the right aircraft for a no-frills trans-Atlantic airline as he continues to muse about launching a new long-haul service.