Monday, October 7, 2013

Airbus Steals One Big Order In "Plane" Sight.

"Everett we have a problem", ANA  JALpulled a fast one and ordered some 31 Airbus A-350 in plain sight. What's worse for Boeing is that ANA  JAL. ANA another Boeing stalwart is ordering another like order for March 2014.

ANA Answers Airbus In April 2014

Remeber These Points at ANA

  • Airbus gives ANA preferred status as a customer, relating to pricing and delivery
  • Airbus gives ANA similar performance of high tech Aircraft that may compete
  • Airbus has a commonality plans for ANA pilot training and ground crews.
  • Airbus promise of no "teething" issues, (TBD) Lower tech approach is the bluff
  • Airbus has removed wait time risk in delivery aircraft of lower tech aircraft is more reliable
  • Airbus will "always", beat Boeing's offering and ANA becomes an Airbus  launcher
  • Airbus has a buy 10 get one free coupon punch card for preferred customers
  • Airbus has an XWB that iis wider than anything built... "well its just wider".
  • Airbus is running out of talking points, and timely is mentioned, and no delays and cheaper  and...
So what's up Scooby, The fox got into the Hen House and is making silly putty out of Boeing's Dream. Its not an "Abandom Ship moment", its more like a "All Hands On Deck Moment". Sneak attack on Tokyo is on and Boeing Sales team, well, took one for "Boeing's Sales Team". Randy Tinseth is back eating Poi in Hawaii.

A second observation from the ANA lead article Last month:

Now onto the Boeing's fight card of bullet points from the history files of 787:

  • Boeing reminds ANA of its most important relationship because it is really, important!
  • Boeing is has a more efficient and higher tech two generational leap in aircraft
  • Boeing acknowledges the Time commodity, but strangely enough, time heals all
  • Boeing reminds ANA that it has delivered on its promise; 20% fuel, 30% service(Delta)
  • Boeing describes the A-350 as being one generation behind the 787
  • Boeing has retired most of, or if at least, two generations of risks
  • Boeing listens,, and will respond, to all questions and concerns,
  • Boeing sees ANA as not a preferred customer but a valued partner
  • Boeing demonstrate value is better than the lowest price, even if  ANA uses a sales punch card with Airbus.
Did Boeing forget to memo JAL or at least take to an "extended lunch meeting", during a nigh time meeting. I don't have answers   why JAL is opting out for the A-350 at this junction, unless Boeing could not make appropriate restitution on the "Boeing 787 Teething Woes".

However I am not too depressed over this, at this time. Because I know heads will role if it is not addressed in a workman like manner. Message receive by all Boeing employees, " we all our in a fight for our livelihoods. With or Without Affordable Health Care Act on the line, our effort is on the  line since loosing a Marque customer like JAL for 31 A-350's on order directly centered in an order cycle. You can imagine JAL will not add to the Boeing order until after the A-350 is first delivered. So what happened? I am sure Boeing was working hard to appease JAL for all those glitches. The problem was Boeing was working hard to appease all those glitches. What a conundrum! Airbus could about the wonderful A-350 that has yet to be delivered over champagne while Boeing had more people in Japan working glitches than it has back in Everett, WA making aircraft. Norwegian Air's anger management seminar was ill timed for JAL emotional state. Don't get me started! Because there is plenty to account for leading up to JAL A-350 announcement. Its has had enough of the headlines and scared passengers. Sick Publicity, glitches and bad reputation is what Boeing offers with the 787 and JAL is the one abandoning ship and calling all hands on deck because they just completed that drill and it did not change the course for JAL.  Boeing as much as it wants to cannot control the glitches of almost 100 aircraft flying. They are now addressing ever little problem with a sense of urgency. They know they are publicly in trouble with its great aircraft because Boeing sold a lot press copy for the world's press. Some of it ridiculous, and some of it, rightly so. Non the less Boeing has a black eye and Airbus walks into Boeing's citadel and steals the show with the JAL order.

What will Boeing do? They are doing it starting about a few weeks back.

Damage Control 101:
  • Announcing a problem solving solution with hyper-active problem solving teams.
  • Management  and tracking of Glitches where Boeing Annice's  problems and solutions
  • Take control of the information spin from the press and make it a Boeing Story from the source
  • Press work is not privy to problems while freely expressing opinion style news, Team-up with customers on problems and press before a wedge is placed between customer , Boeing and the press.
  • Find out what the customer needs, during this time of "Teething"
  • New Airplane Results that are not puff and fluff. Airbus is eating Boeing's cotton candy during bad press times as Boeing replies with cotton candy responses. The talking Heads (Leaders) have to stop talking corporate style and talk like they are an advocate for its customers .
Omission 201:

  • Problems are true and correct and Boeing is accountable for the issues. 
  • They are not just valued customers, Boeing is sharing its Vision Statement
  • Omission is establishing an effective team that will cut the head off of problems
  • A perception exist that the problem's head has not been cut off.
  • Apology looses value when more apologies are expended.
  • Apology only stops when the problems stops but is a necessary omission

Losing a Partnership 301:

  • A lost order is a lost partnership
  • A Partnership is much like a marriage when one walks out, a surprise by the other signals the failure belongs to the other