Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mike Sinnett, The Blackberry Maestro of the 787

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787 Tests The Mettle of Boeing's Chief Engineer

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Steve Creedy:  The Australian

September 13, 2013 12:00AM

FORMER Boeing 787 chief project engineer Mike Sinnett's Black Berry became the stuff of aviation legend after it was revealed it went off every time a Boeing 787 fault developed anywhere in the world.

Nor was it just faults. Any maintenance message that led to a flight-deck status advisory, caution or warning message, as well as take-off and landing data, flooded through the phone.


LiftnDrag follow-up:

Mike Sinnett keeps the 787 Orchestra playing while the audience shuffles in its seats. He does this with his Blackberry. Perfection, is the luxury found in the madness of going after the impossible, which accompanies the sound of success, and is validated from echos of prolonged ovation. The 787 concept has entered its last movement. A Virtuoso performance for those who stand by the Chief Engineer, those workers and customers alike really appreciating the ecstasy of flight found out as it emerges  from all that  agony . The article pretty much captures the behind the scenes stresses and toil from the top down of a driven man and a driven program. It isn't easy work, but its a life time reward of an aviator, engineers and dedicated human being doing what he loves. Making his Opus come alive, with the 787.  Bravo Mike!