Thursday, September 19, 2013

787-10 Is Coming Home To Roost

Two recent signings in as many of days have come home to Boeing as lease companies finalize commitments for 787-9 and-10's. These aircraft, first had hand-shakes deals at the Paris Airshow this last summer.

Today's Flight Aware tracking for the 787-9 for 9-19-2013

787-10 Point Of Sale

Boeing, ALC Finalize Order for 30 787-10 and 3 787-9 Dreamliners

The second part fell into place today as ALC has put ink down on its Paris Airshow participation with 30 more 787-10's. Over-all, a good week for the Boeing's order book, considering the Lufthansa's placement move, through its signal of 34 777-9x's, commitment, not yet given the ATO until later this fall. Gecas, not to be out done, closed in on another 10, dash 10's. The airplane wars and market share monopoly, are now engaged. There is only so much long legged thin route power available. The 787-10 will fill the gap between the long thin lines and the fat shorter distances as a bridge to the 777-9X market.

GECAS Finalizes Order for 10 Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners

Score Card these last two days:

Buyer         Model     Ordered   
ALC             787-10        30
ALC             787-9            3
GECAS        787-10        10
Lufthansa  777-9X       34 * committed

Totals by  Model   787-9         3
                                 787-10     40
                                 777-9X    34
                                  Grand TTL    77 wide bodies in two days.

The paper tiger awakens, as almost one years worth of production is put to ink in the form of Billions USD. In November 2013, will be announced a launch customers for the 777-X's after the ATO announcement formally launches the 777-X program with orders. Al Baker will be one of those launch customers, and rightly so.