Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Winging It August 2013 Summary Report

August 1st   

Kudos Aspire Aviation On Its Boeing Report


I cannot offer a better or more composite offering than what "Aspire" has done with the Boeing report for this years aviation Juggernaut, The Boeing Company.  Even though I am a big fan of the journal, it has done a substantial review on my favorite Manufacturing giant. Without further ado I will post a couple of teasers and this headline link above, concerning the Boeing Machinery of profit.

No Matter What, The 787 Battery Has Become A Non Issue

I almost want, another 787 battery to act up in commercial operations. As grizzly or harsh that statement may sound, it is not a wish for passengers or airlines that it would want to experience such an event. It is my sincerest hope this does not happen on a commercial flight. "I almost", is best experienced on a test aircraft and not on an airline in service. Boeing needs to fly its test copy as often as possible with the fix. 

August 5,

Charleston Is Late To The Manufacturing Date

By now most people recognize one thing. Like a kids at the candy store, they can't move fast or they will drop the candy before they reach the store door door. Everett has it down after five years. They got figured out how to get out the jaw breakers from bouncing off the factory floor. The Puget Sound Business Journal, has brought to the attention of the Northwest region that Jobs are still a pretty good bet if you work in aviation.  The Charleston plant can't cut it when they need to push candy out the door.

August 6,

The 787-10 Is Not About The A-350, Its About Check Mate

The 787-10 move on aviation's chess  board is about check mating the regional and high density route potential, cornering the market. It is known as -10 to followers of aviation's progressions. This -10  will serve all the potential high density regions of the world such as China, Malaysia, and India. The aircraft will pack in customers Like South West Airlines does in the United States cross country routes but only with a larger scale than what Southwest offers. Instead of 160 seats on the 737 Max, serving 320 million US citizens from coast to coast. Boeing intends to send over the most efficient, high capacity capacity aircraft it can to 1.4 billion people from coast to the Himalayas. I see the relevant correlation plainly as a scale-like enhancement in the planet`s most densely populated  areas of the world.

August 8,

Boeing Likes Haggling A LOT

Boeing has a running dialogue with Poland's national carrier LOT Airlines for compensation for its four month grounding of the 787, during its earlier in the year 787 grounding. An action imposed on LOT at no fault to the operator.  It obviously cost them millions of US dollars for this disruption and the lost good faith, and other intrinsic values over the prior six months. LOT has a legitimated claim for compensation from the aircraft manufacturer. Boeing does not drive that compensation claim in a singular manner, by stating all customers claims have been resolved. It sounds like car insurance and a tree falling on your car.  You call your insurance agent explaining a tree crushed your car and they reply with a $500 dollar check and a Thank you very much, by saying all claims are settled.

August 10,

Is Eight Enough? or Should You Go Decked To The 9's

Jet Star Is Out on the Boeing play-ground with its 335 seat 787-8. I thought Ryan Air was Brilliant with its 291 seat pleasure pusher last month, but "Holy lumbar support Batman", Robin screeches as Jet Star will load the cord wood and sardines in workman like order on the Jet Star 787. Did you know the -9 will hold forty more passengers than the -8. It makes me wonder what comparison Boeing is using, a 200 seat ANA to a 240 Seat ANA or a 335 seat seat Jet Star to a 375 seat -9 Jet Star or Qantas.

August  12,

777-X: Jack The Giant Killer, Fuel Burn, And Other Weighty Matters

The fuel burn complexity of the 777-X has many components  under consideration for those who seek out its value.      If it reaches out and touches the world beyond 8,000 (sm), it will carry more dead weight in fuel at take-off to make the journey. Every aircraft made has the same problem. An exponential conundrum of fuel weight added for route mile required. The heavier the aircraft flies the more fuel weight it must store on-board in its flight travels.

August 12 Extra,


The Rolls Royce engine: So much has the American press dedicated a more than generous reporting of the GE offering during the 787-8 introduction. No so much on the Rolls Royce. But customers are loving the engine just the same. I wondered what makes the Trent 1000 so special and how its made. Without divulging Rolls Royce engine secrets, a really informative article is offered from   "This Is Derby shire", on the link below. Please read the quoted article below or click over on the link the blog has inserted. A recommended read for those who are guessing at what is across the pond when comes to engine technology. The article suggest a very detailed process in making fuel efficient engines, as demonstrated, is not for the faint of heart for the captains of industry.  GE keeps pressure on with its "on-the- fly PIP (performance improvement package) process, squeezing more out each rendition of its own 1B or 2B 787 engines. They are competing by making sure it meets its original promise of performance, of which they have finally met during PIP 2. The question begged, "what has Rolls done during the GE's attempt to corner the market"? I say read on and judge for yourself.

August  14,

Retro Fitting The 737 NG vs. The Max

Scimitar Winglets are a Retrofit Of The Max's Advanced Winglets 

Awhile back a blog was presented quoting O'Leary, Ryan Air's sentiment relating to purchasing the Max. One Man's Rubbish Is Another Man's Feast(updated).

Now a clearer picture emerges. Is it possible to retrofit an NG to come closer to the Max? The article link, at the top suggest this possibility. 

History Is Found In The Heart Of Boeing, Eeverett

Boeing History Link via

Peruse on over to to the official link above, and read about Everett Washington and Boeing History.  You get a sense of purpose, dedication, and innovation for the last 60 years from the Everett Boeing works.

If Looks Could Kill Then Buy an F-35

This old war was fought and lost by the F-32 proposal of its ungainly and non traditional looking war bird. The Generals remarked, "How can that fly, it doesn't even  look like a war fighter. Its STOVL hasn't finished landing and take-offs for the Marines. Go with the Lockheed its looks like a 20th century fighter". Wait a minute we are in the 21st century looking for George Jetson.  The $200 billion aircraft is now ranked at $700 billion to succeed its mission without any guarantees of doing what the Generals thought it would do. Let's not dwell on fishing and just cut bait on this 20th century flying parts bin. What did the generals pass on in their war bird beauty pageant?

The Boeing Manufacturing Spider

Boeing maybe shifting  its manufacturing footprint for the 777-X. What if it links the Puget Sound area with short rail leads to Everett, for all large parts transit points that are within a day's ride to the Everett super factory. A continuity plan that undercuts using long shipping flights or shipping of large parts on container ship. A wing plant here and a body plant there could supply the Northwest for its legacy 777-X.

August  17,

Boeing 787 Is Growing Up Right Before Your Eyes

Boeing is moving forward with its 787. The three phases of success is moving forward as witnessed.

Phase 1: Lame

August 18,    Part II

The Boeing Manufacturing Spider Is Growing More Legs For The 777X

Just a few days ago it was noted on how Boeing will quickly implement its NW footprint for the manufacturer of its Legacy 777-X in the upcoming few years. Going over seas could take added time for a manufacturing role out and a delegation of inside capabilities for new technology could be lost to supplying  partners. The risk of out sourcing proprietary design for outside build partners is high.  At some point one may ask if Boeing can indeed build an aircraft any longer in a stand alone effort  in the Pacific Northwest.  That ship has sailed, but maintaining the ability of having major parts and pieces keeps Boeing building aircraft from engineering clear through the role out of an aircraft without it wondering how an overseas calamity breaking out in different parts of the world. Sinking the whole project into oblivion.

Big Order On The Lufthansa Front All Quiet For The Framers..

Nobody is talking about a 50 aircraft 10 billion dollar deal Lufthansa is crafting for its equipment enhancements. Because it has a predominant Airbus portfolio, it is interesting to watch this order. There are Boeing Aircraft in the stable. Particularly the 747-8i.  A harbinger of openness for mixed fleet and follow-on commonalities. The 787-10 has a relative short backlog for Boeing compared to the Airbus family of aircraft for the A-350, which has not rolled out to market as of yet, giving Boeing breathing room on the time line of delivery and providing, Lufthansa time to market after next months announcements.

August  23,

The 787 Phase II Testing Draws To A Close

Phase I: The engineers, assemblers and subcontractors  completed its tests in phase I years ago, and continue to test the aircraft throughout the phase II part which is now drawing to a close. Phase I consisted of the first 6 test models and its static model in the stress test. It was a proof of concept program that validated the whole idea of a plastic airplane and its feasibility in its own marketable class. This phase was completed well into 2010. Phase II began when ANA and Japan Airlines took delivery of its first Aircraft late in 2011. Marking the beginning of the customer test period or phase II.

737 Max Parsing Through The Single Aisle War

Reading through the press you sense how serious this business of building the single aisle market arises to a fever pitch. The buzz word of the year from Boeing is "discipline". The Max is not your brothers 787. The build process is disciplined, not ambiguous or a meandering onslaught of lessons learned that were found in the 787 project! The 737 Max is marching in lock step to 2017, so says the Boeing VP, Scott Fancher.

Decked To The Nines The 787 Has Come Out To Play

The long awaited and much anticipated 787-9 has come out to play at Paine Field. In full Boeing apparel, the 787-9 will take its super sleek tall model body out for flight testing soon. The factory promenade is complete and the press quickly copies  and paste the same information as if the 787-9 is on a press junket. The leads say the same thing. 250-290 passenger capacity when you know already that the 787-8 is capable of more than that number as Ryan Air and Jet Star will haul 291 and above with its smaller -8's. A fully comfortable -9 has flexibility to configure and keep its minion in travel party mode. It would not load to discomfort by making 290 tickets squeeze into a paper shredder at the boarding Jetway.

August 27th The Months Grande Finale  Blog

Air India, The Change Incorporation And Rework Business

No better relationship has developed than Boeing and Air India. One who has a back- log in the waiting, and the other who has a Government in the waiting. Change Incorporation has become the buzz word for both as they sort out early airplane builds. While the other sorts out its ability to build an airline business out its government. The metaphor is not lost on this partnership. Change Incorporation is the common theme.