Sunday, July 14, 2013

Morning Cup Of Coffee With The 787

Watch A Fighter Pilot Have His Way With A Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Movie Monday with a cup of coffee, Shows How a Fighter Pilot Flies the 787 when that Pilot is given the stick in front of people at the Paris Air Show.

Rock and Roll 787

Sure, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner catches fireA lot. But what would happen if an ex-F18 Super Hornet pilot took the controls? Only the most awesome display of giant aerial manoeuvring ever is what.
F-18 Super Hornet display pilot, Mike Bryan, got behind the controls of the troubled Boeing 787 Dreamliner at the Farnborough Air show recently and put the plastic plane through its paces.
It’s a massive plane, but you wouldn’t know it weighs anything at all watching the incredible Bryan work his aerial magic.