Sunday, June 2, 2013

The 787-9 begins Its Factory Promenade

The cut to the chase Link

Position 1 "June Is Busting Out All Over" Position 787-9 in building 40-24

Boeing's Press Release on the -9 assembly.

It's 20 feet longer, which sneaks in, looking like an -8, until it stands side by side with the -8. This -9 will fly 300 miles farther on 20% less fuel than comparable models now flying. The length gains are smoothed in the forward and aft areas of the body centering off the wing box area. Stretching occurs, placing the nose further forward, and the vertical tail fin further back of center, than found on -8.

Chorographic interlude as more parts are loaded

At Boeing, June is Busting Out
The long awaited day has arrived in my annals of 787 lore. The -9 is going through the gauntlet and will emerge a champion. "June is busting out all-over", at Boeing.  Please don't laugh too hard, but I couldn't resist and miss this opportunity to entertain.  That's it! Entertain on the -9. Take this serious for once and roll out the trombones.

The two eighty seater flies farther cheaper and better than the -8.  It will do more for the -8 than the -8 can do for itself.  This is stable mate mentality.  If you have -9's in your inventory then you need an -8 to "complete your airline self".  I have a -9 now I need the eight to fill my market niche.  -8's to the caribbean and -9's around the world. Travelocity here I come.  New Zealand will be the first up on deck, with its -9's, then when the Jet exhaust settles New Zealand may want to consider Southeast asia connects with 8's.  The right size for the right market. Distance is not the problem but getting a slot at airports will be harder. First one in with its 787 stable mates will rule the bookings. So New Zealand put some 8's on the Barbie and fly over Australia.  Qantas, will be hustling some slots too, as they start its own adventures with the 787 stable mates. Island properties around the Pacific can book at will with the 787 in a few years. The 787 can carry the cash thousands of miles in luxury to optimum locations.  That is Thompson's strategy since they have just received its first -8.  They  may want to step up and get on the -9 queue after its customer want more to go farther.

The stable mate tool box builds airlines up from the -8 forward.  Once the -8 is fully ensconced on an airline travel folder the "what if", executive board, starts talking and pilots start pleading. I can use an -8,-9 and when and if the -10 comes out, that one too. I am so talented give me a 777X because the -8 flies like the 777-X. Just give me a week or two at flight school for qualifications and I'll fly anyone around the word in one stop.

Boeing has entered the "what if", conversation for CEO's with its -9.  They have infected multiple airline's CEO offices around the world by changing business plans possibilities. Boeing now has a variety of tools that can tap markets using the same pilots, and maintenance crews while harvesting airline tickets from eager passengers.