Monday, June 3, 2013

Airplane Wars 2013

The sales teams are dispatch with military precision and both duopoly are engaged in each other's backyards.  Lobing in sales pitch under orders of fire for effect.  Airbus is hanging out in Japan sensing a wounded warrior over batteries, tape on sensors and length of time receiving its Boeing aircraft, since the 2007 rollout of a shell for the 787.  Boeing is touting commonalities up through the Boeing family of aircraft which it neglected to do since 1995 when Airbus started its "Joy side stick techno ride", through the world of flying.  Now the giants are going toe to toe with its arguments and laser pointers with a ferocity not seen for a while for aviation sales, trench warfare.

Who will win is the customers delight.  ANA and Japan are sending a clever message talking to Airbus. "We are tired of being played with issues from Boeing".  Lateness, unreliability, downtime and risk,  I stop right there with risks.  ANA and Japan are launch customers and they were the first customers and were the first to suffer battery issues.  Expecting a perfect record is high minded, but Boeing is dispatching problematic issues quickly and have corralled problems,  by dispatching hundreds of millions on any issue. That is the problem with leap-frog advances instead of incremental advances.  The unknown becomes known under operations.  They knew it then, and now they are rewarding Boeing with a look at Airbus now.  However, it is within its rights as a customer, to play loyalty around the room as leverage for gaining more from a rival suitor of Boeing, by inviting Airbus for a flirt and tea.

Boeing has got to be jealous and upset at this point.  ANA knows this and is playing it out for awhile.  What is Boing going to do?  Take it like a man, and do better no matter the outcome. I can't tell what this market will do, but I need to look at the facts and remind these two giant airline, ANA and Japan, what the main thing is and keep it the main thing.  Boeing has a package that is not yet delivered that will make these customers solid as a rock in the airline world. Blinking at Airbus with an eye flutter, will lose its momentum with a standard not yet achieved by Airbus.

It is important that ANA and Japan demonstrate to its customers that they haven't lost its ability to perform at the highest levels and they remain in control, not Boeing, over its own destiny.  But by sending confusing messages at this critical time is dangerous by considering a plan B with Airbus just as Boeing has recovered the dropped battery.

ANA and Japan really want a launch customer status for Boeing 777X's, Taking it away from the other guys halfway around the globe.