Monday, May 20, 2013

End Of May Drag/Monthly Summary Audit Report: for those who prefer summary reports

Summary Report

Below is the summary recap "Audit Report", of what was found interesting during May 2013,  since articles are anywhere from rants to raves in the cycle of research and development. My own drift is based on other issues moved in subtle, and various directions. As "others" build things that fly just like Boeing, and it influences its ability to compete. Northrop Grumman has a key influence on what Boeing does with its Drone business. Airbus is not telling anything about XWB, causing Boeing to stick with its 787 and 777X plans. In all there were 13 blogs this month not counting this end of month blog. The findings are listed by Category and are as Follow:

Findings Report, Month Of May 2013:

have three reports during may they include the following Links and descriptions from LiftnDrag working papers.

Exhibit 5-1-2013    X-48C A New Class Of Aircraft With Multiple Applic...

Boeing, quietly has been developing a new class of aircraft with multiple applications. The press doesn't report on this project because it does not relate or equate its conventional wisdom on air travel by Blended Wing Body (BWB). Boeing is now testing the X-48C as a working model for validating avionics, confirming Blended Wing feasibility, for structural limits and material components. It is reviewing and testing various possibilities for  the commercial and military aircraft applications.

Exhibit 5-15-2013 Straight From Peter Pan, "Here We Go!", X-47B Car...

A page from the  "Art of War" has turned.  Its a Grumman product and its now for real.

Exhibit 5-17-2013 Boeing's Phantom Ray Project On Tap Today.

Here is the link to the Boeing Autonomous War Bird 

Boeing 787:

 Exhibit: 5/04/13  Boeing Making A Proprietary Shift   Boeing is beginning to seek a proprietary shift in its manufacturing. This shift will not be a wholesale cashing out of contractors, but subtle shift towards controlling what Boeing can control well, one part at a time where necessary.  The Boeing partners need not worry, but are partially liable to this shift. Boeing's duopoly with Airbus and another new kid on the block, Comac, hold some pressure on Boeing's quiet change of strategy of seeking proprietary solutions for new aircraft productions, through key parts that Boeing can do. It is an old strategy of added value from its own production resources. The second strategy is having exclusive proprietary control over aero space advancements where its competitors cannot access.

Exhibit: 5/16/13
 The resolution of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner batter...

Hot Link Engineering Journals The 787 Battery Saga

Exhibit:05/17/13    The 787 Flies, I know, I can hear its Squawks Over... 

Squawk #1:
Air India is Goring its Ox! A bad choice of words for AI.  Airlines (ANA) are receiving up to 21% increased fuel economy over prior models.  Air India says only 17% and they want money for it. Next they will ask for a rebate because it can't fit household goods in the overhead luggage bins. Boeing prides itself in fuel economy and rightly so! Not every airline carrier operates its aircraft the same, or flies the same routes. Not only that, airlines may not maximize the aircraft. Air India is asking the "Boeing Sugar Daddy" for a refund, on lateness, "Done", on Battery Issue, "Done", and now fuel economy, well sounds like a personal problem, "not done". 

 Exhibit 05/19/13Just In Time 787 Tuning

The Wall Street Journal Aviation Experts, Jon Ostrower and Andy Pasztor, have laid out some important talking points, easily overlooked by aviation enthusiast and  other people seeking analysis for its investments. Jon has covered the 787 from the days before 7E7, and knows its bones well.  He writes about "other issues" so we know what else is transpiring during its break in year.  The benefit of the battery issue  had an important underlying fix for the 787, time, applied to all other newly delivered 787 airplanes and those in production with related squawks.  If the 787 kepted flying a normal rotation without a substantial shutdown, it would have been harder to implement "other fixes", found in the maturation of a new airplane.


 Exhibit: 5/02/13 777X All Flight Plans Lead To Paris 

The news is full of the 777X today, recounting what LiftnDrag has been hinting at for some time during the last six months. There is a new sheriff in town, and it will be the  777-8 and-9. Look at a few notable links and you get the sense Boeing is just about to let the cat out of the bag in the next few weeks with additional details comprising its recent Authority to Offer (ATO). If Boeing chooses to do so, it will "leak out", in Paris who the signature Launch Customers (LC) are during the "Airshow and Tell"?

Exhibit:  5/15/2013  777X Forms A Team

Everything starts at the top, and the top right now is organizing the most effective players with key abilities. The Boeing parts bin is not limited to well, just parts, but actual boots on the floor and generals that win battles. The starting line up is as follows:

737 Max

Exhibit: 5/07/13  Design of engine for Boeing 737 Max completed 

The topic is the Max 737 Engine design freeze from CFM.  The Puget Sound Business Journal brings this discussion to light. The Journal follows with the announcement, about the CFM 737 Max engine:

"CFM International engineers have locked in the design of the Boeing 737 Max engine, moving the aircraft upgrade a significant step toward reality. The completion of the engine design paves the way for configuration of the rest of the airplane."

"The May 2 design "freeze" of the LEAP-1B engine means engine manufacturer CFM International can now start developing and releasing the digital files, still referred to as “drawings,” that will guide milling machines in cutting engine parts.
CFM International is a joint venture between General Electric and Snecma, a French company.

Music and Celebration Section
Unwind the Motors At Work And Just Relax
The spurts and sputters of the 787 Program has had a much publicized history covering more than just fasteners, glue and plastic. It reminds me of the band Earth Wind and Fire: Click Fantasy on below link, as it opens in a new window, window back to these lyrics when the song starts; then follow on the lyrics (or just watch the show in the new tab, its worth it).

Oh Yes Paris Section
Boeing has not reported much of late from its order book. I get the feeling they will pull a John Leahy special (ala Airbus), and announce solid sales for the 737 Max in a grand array of orders as seen through Boeing's beer goggles. What will be announced is a collected sum of orders representing months and years in the making, with an obligatory comment of, " Boeing only announces what our customers request during air shows." The reality is "Please let us announce your order through the Paris Air Show, and oh please and thank you. Plus, don't lose that sealed envelope I'm giving you as a bookmark for your notepad."

Enough of fantasy for the morning, back to speculating about sales.
News has settled into a routine that is no longer keeping one  hounding the press wires about everything from  737-Max to Scram Jet technology. No blended wing bodies or any kind of new item in play. This quiet is because of Paris. All the glad handing troops are loading travel bags, swag bags and laser pointers  into the travel kits. A piece of news just to keep the 747-8 in the discussion is this "Item" about the Cathay Pacific 747-8F . Yes there is that quiet program called Freighter Lines, that went into slumber during the great downturn of world economies. It may reemerge at Paris in the form of 747-8F orders.
 I recommend Boeing, needs to make its hay in Paris on all fronts. The 737-777X a necessary statement is to be made, and the time is appropriate to unleash a crescendo of advancements for all its programs. Doing so, will maximize the energy established in its development, production and sales.